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Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 Intro

Season 3 intro (“Drive”)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 Intro”

  1. SCROGY says:

    Great 80′s show. Loved it.

  2. mrkeats says:

    Will Ferrel will sure ly get the call up when they decide to do a remake?

  3. pan0069 says:

    Damn i miss the 80′s!!! i saw this with my dad when i was small!!!!!!! they had the best shows back in the day!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Enricom23 says:

    Shut the gate. 80′s TV theme songs rule.

  5. optimizzo says:

    Flashback to childhood*lol*

    Thx 4 the upload, sunny greetz from germany

  6. wandov8 says:

    Eu queria lembrar o nome desse seriado quando passou no Brasil…

  7. AHeartOfFireAndIce says:

    Back when TV shows had substance and meaning….now it’s all sex… and pointless wit.

  8. hardkicka says:

    “you gotta keep those wheels on the straight and narrow…if you wanna survive!!!!”

  9. Sodiumreactor says:

    I wonder where they filmed the last part, where the Coyote X is cruising down what looks to be a desert road. My dream when I was a kid was to grow up and by the Coyote X and then just take off and drive, while listening to this theme song! Never stop driving, no destination, just keep driving.

  10. nymets3303 says:

    i loved this show. it was one of the grates of the 80′s up there with the a-team. the funny thing is every time i ask someone if they rember it they say what is that. i wish it would be on t.v. still i can watch the a-team ever day i would love to watch this again.

  11. metallicafanga says:

    good song

  12. rhofo72 says:

    One of the great shows I used to watch with my dad!

  13. Zpendiuz says:

    Pero qué épocas. Me acuerdo de este programa cuando era transmitido por el canal 9, allá por los primeros años de los 80. No recordaba ni el título de la serie, aunque sí la tonadita de su intro. Gracias por descargar este vídeo.

  14. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    This show was THE perfect lead in for “Monday Night Football” in the day!

  15. RealVerdad says:

    Damn!! I haven’t seen this show in years. I used to love this theme song. What am I saying??, I still love it.

  16. Deeppentants says:

    :53 FAIL LOL

  17. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    THE best season of the show!

  18. DC322 says:

    The A-Team movie is coming this June. I hope they don’t ruin Shatner’s original cop drama they are doing.

  19. nswms992000 says:

    @target42100 – I would love to see a T.J. Hooker movie. Don’t know too much about Matt Houston, though.

  20. westholmes2001 says:

    How about two short-lived Stephen J. Cannell TV shows: The Last Precinct starring Adam West, Keenan Wynn, and Ernie Hudson, J.J. Starbuck, which had country star and sausage businessman Jimmy Dean, and the moderate run of the show The Commish, starring a then-unkown Michael Chiklis, who went on to star on The Shield.

  21. target42100 says:

    how about t j hooker or matt housten

  22. 2199 says:

    @nswms992000 that was the time they had battlestar galactica spin off Galactica 1980. we share the same taste in Steven J. Cannell TV shows.

  23. nswms992000 says:

    @2199: Lol. Well, I’m out. I would throw in The A-Team, but they’re already doing the movie for that one. But I still can’t wait for the Tenspeed and Brown Shoe DVD next month. March 9, in fact.

  24. 2199 says:

    @nswms992000 I see your 21 jump street Tenspeed and Brown Shoe and raise you a Rockford Files, Wiseguy, Silk Stalkings, Hunter, Renegade,Baretta, Booker, spin off 21 jump street. lol

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