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Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 Intro

Season three intro (“Drive”)

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25 Responses to “Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 Intro”

  1. jptang1701 says:

    The 80′s, the golden age of America…………

  2. MikeLutton says:

    wish it was longer anyone got full version

  3. omotigre2004 says:

    Gull’s way great place, I always dream to visit there. The exterior scenes was filmed here predominantly, interior in Hollywood. Brian Keith lived ion Hawaii and took the plane to arrive for the scenes. DHK instead come from new York suburb

  4. keithsmove says:

    Coyote X….best car ever!

  5. stollison99 says:

    @reekinopiss i seen that… it is surprisng how much ferrel lookes like kelley… maybe he should do the remake…j/k

  6. MisterFrenchy1987 says:

    I love this tv serie, first for the team Keith-Kelly and for the quality of the tv intro song “Drive”! I love too this car called “Coyotte”, with his shape design! :)

  7. djjohns937 says:

    Exelente serie nunca la olvidare…..

  8. robodudeable says:

    where can I find full episodes online for free in south africa

  9. Jdub14000 says:

    Coyote X!!!!!!! What a car!

  10. damienmetalwind says:

    @stonecoldlinz Exactly. People are busy and if a show doesn’t get rolling, people will find something else to watch or do.

  11. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    Great show.
    One of the best ever.

    George Vreeland Hill

  12. stonecoldlinz says:

    @damienmetalwind reason of keeping intros short etc. also is, because life got pretty busy and stressy these days, in the past everything was more relaxed, cooler. today everything is about money and time.

  13. RYELLOWFAST2010 says:

    cool song

  14. reekinopiss says:

    man will ferrel rocks in this

  15. TheSuperCRASHer says:

    does anybody know how many crashes and chases are in this season.please hit me back.

  16. 1982dimi says:

    @naligus if you like streethawk, try Super Force, starring ken olandt

  17. damienmetalwind says:

    Wow, this is 1:35 long?

    It’s kinda sad, but the new theory is to keep TV intros short or people will turn away. Plus it leaves more time to put ads in. You rarely see an intro longer than 5-10 seconds anymore.

    At least you can still dig up some old school TV intros that do what they’re supposed to–get you fucking pumped for the coming program.

  18. satchboogyfan says:

    Damn Mike Post made some great theme songs

    I love this song.

    too bad they had to make a different coyote for old Brian to get into for the 2nd and 3rd season.

  19. naligus says:

    @KVillerules , Yes its streethawk, thnx i cant remember.

  20. KVillerules says:

    @naligus are you talking about streethawk?

  21. naligus says:

    searching for the title of the series with the black motorbike somekind of knightrider but with an motorcycle cant remember?

  22. Diakron79 says:

    @HansVier Actually…his daughter’s suicide was one of the many factors that caused his tragedy. Mr. Keith was suffering from emphysema, lung cancer, and depression. Those were devastating blows to him.

    I’m very grateful to the fans & his widow & his colleague Daniel-Hugh Kelly for making a campaign to the Hollywood Commission by granting Brian Keith a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2008. It was way overdue but it’s better late than never. Daniel-Hugh Kelly is definitely a hero.

  23. HansVier says:

    @mistofoles Crazzy i heart it diffrent. I heart he was diagnosed with cancer, and thats why he killed himself

  24. megamanj2004X says:

    @coyoteracer11 – The 1st half of S2 had “Back to Back” as the theme song. But b/c of fan outrage, “Drive” (the S1 theme song) got re-instated towards the end of S2 and returned for all of S3.

  25. megamanj2004X says:

    R.I.P. Stephen J. Cannell. You brought me great shows I grew up watching such as 21 Jump Street, Riptide, Wiseguy, Renegade, Stingray, Hardcastle and McCormick, and of course two of my all-time favorite personal favorite 80s shows in The A-Team and HUNTER & made careers out of Mr. T, Dirk Benedict, George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson, Peter DeLuise, Ken Wahl, Jonathan Banks, Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer, Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly, William Katt, Michael Mancuso & more

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