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Hardcastle And McCormick S01E04 – Scene 2

Car chase from episode Going Nowhere Fast.

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5 Responses to “Hardcastle And McCormick S01E04 – Scene 2”

  1. pdennis93 says:


    the funny part is the dude wouldn’t talk to mccormick but when hardcastle went to bail him out he dropped his wallet on the way into the jail and they found him with an unregistered .45 handgun (it was registered but he didn’t have his wallet0 and he got thrown into the same jail cell as mccormick and the guy they wanted to talk to and that guy told hardcastle what he wanted to know.

  2. ganimed1976 says:

    @pdennis93 Such a sly fox ;)

  3. pdennis93 says:


    actually hardcastle was in the car right before this scene started and mccormick asked him to switch places and as hardcastle got out he drove off and told him to meet him at the city jail in 1/2 an hour with $100. Mark was trying to get arrested so he could talk to the guy in jail who was a part of the prison break.

  4. ganimed1976 says:

    Oooops Mark….this will be costly. Trying to escape from the police in a car chase is not a trivial matter. Wait until judge Hardcastle hears the news ;)

  5. oneweirdfellah says:

    My god! they stole the engine sounds off the cannonball run!lol

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