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Hardcastle and McCormick “Back to Back”

Intro for the very first component of season 2, with “Back to Back” by Joey Scarbury. (They went back to the original theme song by the end of the season.)
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25 Responses to “Hardcastle and McCormick “Back to Back””

  1. Calriec says:

    @HerecomestheCalavera I agree. This song is so lame. I’m glad they went back to “Drive”.

  2. HerecomestheCalavera says:

    This song is OK but Drive is a million times better suited for Hardcastle and Mccormick, when you watch the intro with “Drive” you are pumped up for an awesome episode filled with car chases, cars hitting a slanted ramp and flipping over for no reason. Back to back makes it feel like your about to watch Perfect Strangers.

  3. ElJefeNLA says:

    “Uncle Bill” was in great shape during this series.

  4. TheHolodoc100 says:

    Today, if there is a tv series you can watch – like “Legend of the Seeker” – it will be cancelled.

  5. Ramubay says:

    Mike Post has got to be the most successful TV theme song writer in history. Would never be able to list all his credits here but the most successful are The Rockford Files, The Greatest American Hero, Hunter, The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I., Quantum Leap, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue and the various Law & Order series.

  6. Woodwind7 says:

    Maybe Drive is the better choice for this series. But this theme is kind of cute.

  7. meileen1942 says:

    Thanks for the info. I have always wondered as I liked his voice and have his only cassette (probably on CD now).

  8. RodPower78 says:


    I`ve just saw on Wikipedia that Joey has recently gone more into songwriter in country music.

  9. ChicoHarpoGroucho says:

    Hmmm, I don’t remember this show. But I do believe I had that car as a kid

  10. meileen1942 says:

    Didn’t know Joey Scarbury did other songs on other shows. Wonder how many shows he did music for. He seems to have just faded away into nothingness. Anyone know anything about him?

  11. NinjaGhostScorpion says:

    They should’ve stuck with, “Drive.”

  12. RodPower78 says:

    While i think that this song is good, i think that it would be a much better fit for a comedy. Now Drive is a much better fit as theme for H&M, because it`s such a great hard driving song that instantly pumps you up and want to drive your car as fast as the Coyote.

  13. Janafan4Ever says:

    Love this theme. Do you by chance have the lyrics?

  14. Chateaubriand807 says:

    Questa sigla mi commuove… E’ stupenda, rappresenta l’anima vera di questo fantastico telefilm. Aimè come sono lontani quegli anni.. C’era un’energia incredibile in questi telefilm.. Sono cresciuto con loro. P.s. Anche rivisti dopo tanti anni rimangono strepitosi.. Altro che i telefilm di oggi, con 40enni depressi, nevrastenici, ambigui e senza midollo..

  15. mimmotosco says:

    mitico telefilm

  16. DocLeggz says:

    Okay, while this is a great song, it’s totally inappropriate for the show. It takes it from a hard edged PI action show to almost a guy on guy love story. Drive was the much better choice.

  17. stampman12 says:

    Great theme song!

  18. ElJefeNLA says:

    Beautiful song, but IT DOES NOT FIT this show. I actually like the theme, but it just does not fit at all.

  19. zffena2 says:

    Download an application called audacity and a .dll file called lame that will allow you to play the song on youtube and record it through your PC and export it to a MP3.

  20. mnorm5150 says:

    Its on the season 2 dvd’s, for sale at most major retail outlets.

  21. bintrap says:

    “Drive” was the main song and is available at Amazon Digital, shared sites, and everywhere else, unlike this song (Back to back) which is impossible to find, making it even more valuable. In my case I would like to have all the songs about this series and “Back to Back” is one of them.

  22. mnorm5150 says:

    This song pure horses@#t compared to “Drive”, the original and season three themes. As a matter of fact, this song is complete horses@#t .

  23. bintrap says:

    Where can I get the MP3 or CD for this song?

  24. tnawcwvictoria says:

    This song is AWESOME

    The man who is singing this song is Joey Scarbury who also performed the theme to The Greatest American Hero Starring William Katt, Robert Culp and a young Connie Sellica and Jennifer Slept Here Starring Ann Jillian.

    Stephen J. Cannell has also produced other hit TV Shows such as The A-Team, Wiseguy, 21 Jumpstreet, Stingray, Silk Stalkings and of course the Supercop known as HUNTER Starring Fred Dryer.

  25. captlou17 says:

    i watch these old themes from my child hood too…and it gives me a kinda of a sick stomach, almost like being homesick or something…things were SOOO much better back then. but I didnt realise it :-( yeah…tv today BLOWS! my wife watches some of the stupid shows now, but i can even BEGIN to get interested in any of them.

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