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Happy Days original pilot Love American Style best on youtube 1 of 3

I was an extra in the fountain soda shop scene, Ron H and Anson W walk into the shop and point me out — I’m the blonde sitting in the booth! I’m shown at about 5.50 minutes into this video — Enjoy!
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25 Responses to “Happy Days original pilot Love American Style best on youtube 1 of 3”

  1. NeiIPeart says:

    Hey you were pretty cute (sure you stil are)…..thanks for the vid….brings back old memories.

  2. annamariapiotrowicz2 says:

    chuck was 18 or 19 while he went to collage but why disapear
    joanie was 11 years

  3. annamariapiotrowicz2 says:

    @yukfoo1856 in 1970′s tv shows it was all done in a uncool studio
    later still in 1970 they can tape a few things on location  with 2 or 3 camers
    i do research on this kind of things

  4. annamariapiotrowicz2 says:

    @bonesgal55 what silly youtube copyright rules?
    try uploading 25 mins video clip and see what happens? if the youtube persons/owers take down
    then don’t worri too about it
     its not like they can bend your youtube account from watching/uploading music or other tv shows
    this is a good pilot for happy days i have seen

  5. bonesgal55 says:

    3D meaning: Look at the surroundings in a scene in a film and in a single-shot photo; a lot can be recognized by doing so; I’m currently doing family history and this becomes super important to look at others in the photo as well as objects!!! :)

  6. bonesgal55 says:

    Again, I will try and load parts 2 and 3; I just do not want to get into any kind of trouble for doing so; like having my account suspended. I believe you are right that all they do is remove them but again, I do not want to lose my YouTube account either. I know it was a great show; truly the beginning of some great spin-offs. Thanks for the tidbits about the book in the drawer — quite a good observation on your part! I, too, look at films and single-shot pics in 3D!

  7. Whammer79 says:

    Please uplaod parts 2 and 3. This episode used to be on Youtube. The worst that will happen to you is they will remove. This show is too great not to try and keep on Youtube. Thanks.

  8. Whammer79 says:

    That’s awesome that you were in this show. Love American Style and Happy Days were two of my favorite tv shows.

    FYI for others- the book in Richie’s drawer, The Amboy Dukes, should be required reading. It’s a great book!

  9. chewybunz says:

    Mmm…Potsie was a hottie back then!!

  10. tonycdrive says:

    So you were Andrea Lumbeck…cool. first… you’re seen at 5:37 then 5:55 then6:21 then 6:48.

  11. bonesgal55 says:

    @yukfo1856: The pilot was all shot in studio

  12. ekocentric says:

    @bonesgal55 Even if you can’t up load anything else pertaining to this episode you have done enough for me. This is just great. Thanx so much.

  13. ekocentric says:

    @bonesgal55 I remember when you could buy a coke for 15c. and a bag of chips to go with it for a dime. The bag of chips was small but more full than the bags that we get now. LOL…I guess that it was a good thing that the coke was small though. My mom was a health nut before most people were and it was bad enough to get cursed out over the bag of chips. The coke sent her over the edge though. LOL

  14. richardwha says:

    @DeadBunny69 Not necessarily true. As lovely and talented as Erin Moran was, and as big a hit as she was for the show’s long duration, I would have loved to see her do more. She tried, but did not go much further than her JLC spinoff.

  15. yukfoo1856 says:

    Where did you shoot the pilot? Was it on location or a studio?

  16. southwriter says:

    Who was the hottie that played the role of Arlene, and where is she now?

  17. Tatumthirty2 says:

    @bonesgal55…u were a hottie !! thx 4 sharing with us !!

  18. BigAL68xyz says:

    Parts of this episode were recycled as flashback scenes in a Happy Days Season 2 episode, in which Arlene comes back and wants to go steady with Richie.

  19. TheMashwatcher585 says:

    tvland should put on LAS

  20. TheMashwatcher585 says:

    i remeber Love American Style

  21. mikedeceptacon says:

    Wow! Your cute!!!

  22. bonesgal55 says:

    @kallemick: I am going to try and find someone to help me; but I was also just told I might have an infringement issue with putting the whole episode on here and that is why the other 2 parts were removed but I will ask the powers-to-be here on YouTube if that is the case and then work on uploading it to my profile here.

  23. kallemick says:

    @bonesgal55 okay but thanks for trying i really wanna watch the original pilot but if you cant upload it i will just find it elsewhere

  24. MarkWalkerMusic says:

    Hey – nice job as “Andrea Lumbeck!” You made a groovy 50′s dish!

  25. bonesgal55 says:

    @hithr3000: those were real cokes but in smaller coke glasses; I asked why and it is because things appear larger on screen, so they gave us smaller glasses so they appeared normal size.

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