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Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock Part 2

To autoplay the entire episode , pause this video and click Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock with Sidney James and Raymond Huntley
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Responses to “Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock Part 2”

  1. artstudent07 says:

    Trolls were even about back then lol

  2. MisterStereo says:

    @blueleadguitar I guess British audience has a different take on these shows.

  3. blueleadguitar says:

    @stacia99 it sounds like a very false ‘laugh’ almost sarcastic! lol

  4. MisterStereo says:

    @stacia99 It would be interesting to know who that person was.
    Suppose we’ll never really know.
    A very funny show though.

  5. stacia99 says:

    Thanks for the upload! I really enjoy Hancock’s Half Hour. I would love to know who the guy with the loud laugh in the audience was. At first he sounds like he just has a weird laugh, but by the 5:45 mark he sounds like he’s heckling!

  6. MisterStereo says:

    Agree -the best part of the show!!

  7. MisterStereo says:

    I think this part to be the best of the episode.
    Maybe the Doctor should have disguised the sleepng pills as candy – quiet for sure – LOL

  8. windmill1947 says:

    This part was great Lloyd…Very funny….5 stars

  9. weeyin1155 says:

    Oh my goodness….he’s worse than a kid on a train journey Lloyd. Iol Fun part my friend. Stars andhugs..Jan and Susan ♥

  10. MisterStereo says:

    I think this is he funniest part.

  11. jtls8 says:


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