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Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock Part 1

To autoplay the entire episode , pause this video and click Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock with Sidney James and Raymond Huntley

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20 Responses to “Hancock’s Half Hour – Train Journey starring Tony Hancock Part 1”


    Ah the greats Hancock and James

  2. MisterStereo says:

    @whogoderetedigo52 Most welcome – Enjoyable British fun and humour.

  3. whogoderetedigo52 says:

    Great programs. Love them all. Thank you for posting. First encountered Hancock on the OTR — Old Time Radio — websites. Great stuff. Thank you.

  4. MisterStereo says:

    Most welcome.
    Think I answered this before, Jan; but the way YT is nowset up, I am not sure what comments I replied to .
    I am certain that I replied to yours , though.

  5. MisterStereo says:

    He played the part quite well in this classic.episode

  6. MisterStereo says:

    Pleased ya enjoyed the song.

  7. MisterStereo says:

    Good stuff Llloyd

  8. GoneBazaar says:


  9. MisterStereo says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this programme.

  10. abbeyharry1952 says:

    Brilliant Comedy
    They Dont Make Them Like This Anymore!
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep Smiling

  11. MisterStereo says:

    For sure.
    To me, it was precursor to “on the Buses, Benny Hill and the Two Ronnies.

  12. MisterStereo says:

    Pleased -a bit of early British comedy.

  13. MisterStereo says:

    I pity the doctor – lol.
    All he wished for was quiet, but, the chatter by Tony didn’t bother the sleeping colonel -lol
    The gentleman playing the Doctor’s part was really a good actor.

  14. MisterStereo says:

    I think this is one of his better shows of the shows I have previewed so far.
    At this early period in TV programming, this specific episode is “above the fray”. As with many early TV shows in the US and Canada, I wonder if he had a pre-TV radio show in GB.
    IMany who had radio programs , made the leap to TV were better at vocalizing comedy + less able in a “stand-up” environment in front of TV cameras. It is interesting to see how these performers improved after TV was introduced. Lloyd

  15. lillymoons says:

    A part of British comedy history,
    Thank you for posting Lloyd,

  16. windmill1947 says:

    Enjoyed it…5 stars

  17. EmCSpiteri1 says:

    Isn’t it a shame? I never lked Tony Hancock’s comedy. Yet he was brilliant.

  18. weeyin1155 says:

    Haha…you’dthink he’d have no problem with other passengers Lloyd. He tries well to chase them away! LOL Thanks my fried. Stars and hugs..Jan and Susan ♥

  19. MisterStereo says:

    I particularly like this episode

  20. jtls8 says:

    Enjoyed Lloyd!!!

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