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Gwen’s alien kiss – Torchwood – BBC

A pheromone-crazy alien has an unexpected effect on Gwen during her very first day in the Torchwood Hub. From the hit BBC series Torchwood.

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25 Responses to “Gwen’s alien kiss – Torchwood – BBC”

  1. kellylawsonkl says:

    Welsh accent is the cutest thing..

  2. InGallifrey says:

    Pretty cool that in torchwood everyone kissed everyone!


  3. 1Adr1an6 says:

    That was kind hot ?

  4. batmanofni says:

    I’m so glad Torchwood grew up and Chris Chibnall started thinking with his upstairs brain.

  5. cyberwoman007 says:

    Hahaha! Ohh I love you Owen! ;3

  6. cheekychick112233 says:

    this was one retarded ass show -___- Children of Earth was incredible, and Series 2 was pretty good, but series One (apart from Harvest- that was so friggin’ tense) was utter shite XD

  7. Xolramuh says:

    Her role as Merrill on DA2 was awesome.. and this is just hawt. I think I love this woman.

  8. superyoshigame says:

    ahhh hottttttttttttttttttttttt

  9. YaoiLove19 says:

    Haha I loved Owen in this scene.
    Oh Ianto, you always come at the right time… wait… um…

  10. folkgirrl says:

    it’s no good? sorry but those boobs are GREAT!

  11. Doctorwhorulesify says:

    LOL Owen : happy birthday me Owen we all love you but you are such a perv

  12. CosplayingCassie says:

    Reason #242654 why I love Ianto.

  13. LindseyLove299 says:

    Owen, you are such a little perv ^^ but we all still love you :)

  14. landmind666 says:

    wow its merril from dragon age

  15. ILoveYouBabe1423 says:

    ‘we should really get her out of there’
    ‘yeah..’ *keeps watching*

  16. AislingDream4 says:

    ianto is so clueless he missed it all!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  17. soulhunter65 says:

    Thumbs up if this is your favorite episode of torchwood. : )

  18. sakuraduvdevanit says:

    Happy birthday to me

  19. emmaedwards100 says:

    sorry but it did tune me on a bit x

  20. xxTwilightGirl123xx says:

    Happy Birthday Me :)
    P’hahaha, Owen makes me giggle :’)

  21. cryssibaby says:

    @Zenforax That should happen more often. Thank you, Ianto for making things a bit less uncomfortable.

  22. cryssibaby says:

    Owen just sits back and enjoys and Jack seemed quite interested too – huge lol moment.

  23. Iambored1com says:

    Best clip ever!

  24. wilhat says:

    ago another vidieo not working can not all be copywrite.

  25. toommxD says:


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