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Gwar on Joan

GWAR on the Joan Rivers Show

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25 Responses to “Gwar on Joan”

  1. UltimateVenom says:

    @patio87 lol

  2. patio87 says:

    World wrestling FOUNDATION.


    @DrugsToTheYouth you almost made me pee my pants when you said that ! I laughed so hard I fell of my chair!! XD

  4. ATV790 says:

    so quit crying and grab a tissue!
    “popular all over the world” HA your 1st fan i’ve EVER encountered in the 5 yrs i’ve known of them, and my first ever intro was a friend who said “is that Gwar or a rip off”!!

  5. fohawk871 says:

    your kind arent worth my time. contact me when you finish the first grade. your opinion is shit & so is gwar. They’ve had no accomplishments anywhere. Lordi is popular all over the world, while gwar is the maggot-shit of rock

  6. ATV790 says:

    @fohawk871 sez the guy who is defending the band that rips off gwar but plays terrible music! ever watched a interview with lordi? its as boring as bat shit just like them PS didn’t lordi get caught out lip syncing YES!!!

  7. fohawk871 says:

    @ATV790 your opinion is shit & so is gwar

  8. ATV790 says:

    LOrdi is SUX

  9. ArtistryofDebauchery says:

    Heh they’re actually right… I doubt the human race will even survive itself for another hundred years

  10. AheadOfTheWolves says:

    This was one of the very first videos I ever saw on Youtube, glad it’s still up here.

  11. joesprings1324 says:

    @DrugsToTheYouth well played sir

  12. AgonyInEcstasy says:

    @TheRitchardgaleHater No. Other bands don’t try hard enough.

  13. AgonyInEcstasy says:

    @femoman You forgot Milli Vanilli.

  14. RicRagsLive says:

    These guys really had a fun sense of humor.
    Some metal bands take themselves and their dumb rubber masks really seriously.
    NOT GWAR!!

  15. MyNameIsBucket says:

    1:40 An historic moment for humanity – Joan Rivers is speechless.

  16. alkebest1 says:

    They are so god damn hilarious :p

  17. sethhify says:

    I got a Oderus tramp stamp for my 26th birthday!

  18. lejink says:

    @ACDCoverdose you like gwar.. and not megadeth, you are all backwards

  19. dart3836 says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. But gotta love gwar

  20. TalkSic666 says:

    @femoman don’t suggest that lame ass rip off of GWAR to anyone lordi blows dogs for quarters plus they play to a backing track seriously there is a vid where their track starts to skip and they look like a bunch of idiots. Lordi is the new milli vanilli

  21. 1787dude says:

    2 live crew should go on tour with gwar

  22. guitarmaster509 says:


  23. femoman says:

    @ACDCoverdose try Lordi. Theyre like a cross between Alice Cooper’s lyrical and musical themes, and GWAR’s monstrous costumes, and KISS’s stage shows

  24. ozzmanson says:

    @DrugsToTheYouth true lol

  25. haveyouseencrazy says:

    Gwar needs to stick to killing pop musicians,and world leaders…. I mean personally, i love gwar,slipknot,lordi equally…. probably my 3 favorite bands. But i would have to say its pathetic that bieber gets more publicity than gwar,slipknot,and lordi. It would be funny if bieber was on the news and he got shot live. Pretty sure alot of people that hate him will be like “fuck yes,one less faggot mother fucker.” Like/Thumbs up for agreement.

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