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Gwar on Joan Rivers Shows

GWAR on the Joan Rivers Show
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Gwar on Joan Rivers Shows”

  1. necrowolf117 says:

    “inuendo-ous” lol huzzah for making up words!

  2. KittenOnLithium says:



  3. crimsonwerecat says:

    @kahisawheel curse them wiki-walks!!!!!!!!! hehehe, awesome comment!

  4. 2paranoid2think says:

    i saw these guys last night!
    holy crap, what a show, i came come drenched in BLOOD. amazin’

  5. taterboob says:

    @kahisawheel It’s so funny ’cause it’s true.

  6. MeesterChum says:

    she made GWAR laugh! joan rules!

  7. RwBguardian says:

    LOL this is hialrious. Poor Joan was trying to NOT Lose composire the whole time as were the guys also.

  8. sprinklesonaplane says:

    wait, who hates gwar? gwars fucking awesome

  9. krisfrosz133 says:

    OMG, of all the guests Joan Rivers could have. Don’t get me wrong, I love GWAR but this show is so not for them. XD

  10. Trevor9849 says:

    From what year was this?

  11. Skrubybrother says:

    I love how they’re so sarcastic. GWAR 2 LYF!!!!!!!

  12. deadzombienation says:

    Whiteamercan78. Dude shut the fuck up you are what? Probably 14 and more then Likely a nigger and not just that your a little cunt too bitch ass. Gwar kicks ass.

  13. dil32207 says:

    @WhiteAfrican78 fuck off u would fuckin piss uur self if u went to a gwar concert PISS OFF

  14. 101music says:

    I actually just saw them last night.

  15. elcamino01 says:

    lmfao this is hilarious, GWAR fucking rocks

  16. irishfreak929 says:

    @WhiteAfrican78 lol, “WhiteAfrican” Is calling GWAR a bunch of cunts

  17. binaryagent says:

    Heh, I grew up with a guy that’s in the band now.

  18. equalcharliebrown says:

    I’m going to make it into a lamp.

    insert jew joke.

  19. IronyBeaver says:

    @Flapmansss Lordi puts on shit shows in comparison.

  20. Fr33co says:

    that intro music reminds me ALF 1:02

  21. WhiteAfrican78 says:

    In my language, GWAR is slang for cunt….so that sums it up….bunch of cunts..

  22. IAMHATEDband says:

    Haha, GWAR is the SHIT!! I’m the guitarist for IAMHATED, a fuckin sick and twisted band from Trashville TN just gettin started, we posted a couple of videos on here complete with hardcore drinkin, self-mutilation, and brain smashing metal. Check it out, and then kill yourself. Thanks.

  23. armchaircritic2010 says:

    this rocks!!!!!!

  24. rafiroman1 says:

    LMAO, I’m laughing at them, Not with them. (LAUNWU)

  25. kosemekars says:

    Do they destroy her at some point?

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