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Gunsmoke Theme Song

This is a video dedicated to the great actors of “Gunsmoke”, specifically James Arness and Buck Taylor. Hope youenjoy it. Please note: My videos are created for enjoyable and not for profit. All copyrights are reserved, belonging to their rightful and respectful owners. I do not own any of the copyrights and no infringement on copyrights is intended. Thank you.

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25 Responses to “Gunsmoke Theme Song”

  1. ramtuff2007 says:

    i watch this show once in while

  2. Fritheby says:

    Ahh, Amanda Blake!

  3. InsanityHere says:

    Yes to you and to mjp2501. It’s all crap now a days. I too can only tolerate History, Nat geo, and only classics on onDemand.

  4. peterscoop says:

    there is gonna be a movie with Ryan Reynolds in it! cant wait!

  5. muitoculto says:

    maravilhoso, the brazil was knewd Gunsmoke .

  6. korgri says:

    Somewhere on youtube there’s a clip of John Wayne’s intro to the very first Gunsmoke episode.

  7. OldMrMemories says:

    I know what you mean. If it wasn’t for History channel and Nat Geo Channel, i’d throw te TV out the window. Nothing good on primetime anymore. All filthy innuendos and double entrande.

  8. mjp2501 says:

    What a great show, and a grand cast of characters. They don’t make shows like this anymore, unfortunately.
    Look at the crap we have to watch these days, and it makes you yearn for yesteryear.

  9. IluvBenJoe says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you like my video. :o )

  10. Firithfenion says:

    5 stars + favorited

  11. Firithfenion says:

    Festus – FTW!

  12. 1Bandit455 says:

    Excellent — GUNSMOKE !!!!!!!!!!!! .

  13. halltruckinght3 says:

    man what a wonderful tribute! To a truly wonderful crew! This is real television family style, it was great in the 60′s when I was growing up and it’s still great as I’m getting older! Wonderful! Good Job IIuvBenJoe!

  14. TzzX78 says:

    man I am looking at this vid and tears come out from my eyes…i was a child in mexico when i used to watch this show all the time. I remember my uncle did not miss it. every night he religiously sat in front of the tv and watch gunsmoke…what an american classic …americana

  15. musictodiefor says:

    The best there ever was! Justice always prevailed…well in all but one episode in the half hour b&W days. Chester’s fault, of course! Over 660 episodes which makes it the longest running drama of any kind EVER!!

  16. Gabepaullikegirls says:

    greatest show ever

  17. itamar56 says:

    E parte de um passado que jamais votará!!!!

  18. Skunk90210 says:

    That was a great show.

  19. IluvBenJoe says:

    Hi George, Thank you for tkaing time to watch and to comment on my video. It’a greatly appreciated! :o )

  20. IluvBenJoe says:

    HI Tom, I’m glad you like my video. Thank you for taking time to watch and to leave a message. It’s greatly appreciated! :o )

  21. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    My dad loved Gunsmoke.
    So do I.
    Thank you for posting this.

    George Vreeland Hill

  22. campos257 says:

    good may good

  23. tomhuber says:

    Hi Paula,
    Thanks so much for a nostalgic look at the past when Gunsmoke was a highlight of the week! Great job on the video…

  24. Pimentinha1980 says:

    Eu adorava ver esse filme, só que tinha era que espiar por trás da porta, era muito pequena e mamae nao deixava ver porque passava de noite. Mas eu sim via rssssssss. Muito bom!

  25. fromthesidelines says:

    This “schmaltzy” version of the theme, ‘arbutus’, is similar to the one heard at the end of the radio show in its later years, as George Walsh announced, “‘GUNSMOKE’, produced and directed in Hollywood by Norman MacDonnell, stars William Conrad as Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshal..”. That was perfect for its time- the “grittier” version used at the end of the later TV shows was perfect in its own way…

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