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Gunsmoke “The Killer” Act 3

The final act of one of Gunsomkes greatest stories. Charles Bronson takes a trip to boot hill as Matt Dillon (James Arness) decides its time for him to die.
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25 Responses to “Gunsmoke “The Killer” Act 3”

  1. jityr2 says:

    I had the name “Matt Dillon” confused with the guy who played Richy White in the movie “Over the edge”.

  2. XxmusicheartsxX says:

    my great,great grandfather produced this show :)

  3. johncena2ish says:

    I love gun smoke

  4. reneecalling says:

    Matt doesn’t mess around. It was the only way to deal with a bully like Crego.

  5. dejoie4 says:

    I watch this show every morning while I have my coffee and fix my daughter’s breakfast.

  6. maxxrexx says:

    i didnt realize that chester was played by dennis weaver

  7. Parrotluver2 says:

    @FlashHaloRocks His Real name is James Arness AKA Matt Dillion and Silkman I Was Just Joking I Know Arness is not Gay.. iv,e Seen Every Single Movie he’s Been in I Love his Acting He’s Great!! and I Know he and Miss Kitty AKA Amanda Blake had a thing Going on But this was a Family Show! I Do have to Say he was a very handsome man when he was young! and there sure were alot of Pretty Women in Some Episodes

  8. FlashHaloRocks says:

    What’s the sheriffs real life name?

  9. silkmann says:

    @Parrotluver2 Just because a man does not let his rod and balls rule his body, you can’ t accuse him of being homosexual. Many women go very long periods of not having sex. Do you really want to accuse them of being homosexual. No Matthew Dillion was a honest quality man.

  10. Parrotluver2 says:

    I Have watched all 10 Seasons of Gunsmoke and I Love it.. But Many Women have tried to Get Dillion to f*** them But he never has! Could he Be Gay ? IMLAO

  11. MisterMasterShafter says:

    @Tiberius0001 Yeah. Unlike many today, but much like the old west, Americans in the 50′s knew right and wrong, without all the bleeding heart lib fairytale babble and refusal to hold scum accountable for their own destructive actions. Much like the last act of “Passive Resistance”, Dillon again with a bully scumbum, wasn’t about to let him leave Dodge after his cowardly murderous actions.

  12. Escargency2008 says:

    My Grandfather(I had Two,Knut Kallmyr,and George Formby(Biological)),liked to watch “Gunsmoke” with James Arness as MATT DILLON,the Sheriff……
    He knew.And My Cousin Astrid,she said “Onkle Skrue-that was a Man who did not want to Pay Delivery money,for Purchasing Milk.But that was Helge,Knuts son,who was at that time Onkle Skrue….I remember….
    Kindly Thomas “Escargency” Kallmyr-Uddevalla

  13. htuomnom says:

    The part of Matt Dillon was offered to John Wayne,but he in turn asked the powers that be to consider James Arness as seeing that that were friends and had made a lot of movies together and as they say the rest was history.

  14. franthree says:

    Matt Dillon (James Arness) was the ‘Man” !!! John Wayne, Captain America, Superman, George Washington rolled into one!! 8-D

  15. Tiberius0001 says:

    Totally agree, Mister Master Shafter. Dillon was stone cold all business in the 1950s shows. He protected the innocent and gladly smoked the rest any chance they gave him to. The 30min shows were crisper and more raw.

  16. MisterMasterShafter says:

    I love the end of this episode, in classic Marshal Dillon´╗┐ badass fashion, like at the end of “Passive Resistance”. In episodes like these two,´╗┐ the dudes are scum, killing innocent people without a care, and Dillon takes it personally. The half hour episodes from the 50′s remain the pure classics. Gritty and hard, Dillon put up with zero nonsense from trash in these, and this is what made Gunsmoke and Dillon icons. You start shit in Dodge, when Marshal Dillon comes for you, you’re over.

  17. pspboy7 says:

    Wow, this was tense :)

  18. actonbath says:

    Did we know….

    James Arness-WW2 Hero, fought at Anzio and was severely wounded there. His actions during WW2 earned him a Bronze Star and purple heart. He went on to earn 3 additions to his Bronze Star….that’s like earning 4 Bronze Stars.

    Charles Bronson-WW2 hero. Tailgunner on B29 bombers and was wounded earning Purple Heart.

  19. Teflon65 says:

    @westpoint64: Matt was never killed in a gunfight. Not even in the final season. He was very nearly killed, several times, but they thought the show would endure for at least one more season, which it didn’t. Dillon, however, returned for some made-for-TV movies, which were sequals to “Gunsmoke”. Miss Kitty returned for one of them.

  20. wastedzshizz says:

    at,about 3:28-3:30 is kinda funny

  21. melollylolly says:

    the old shows were grittier-after going in color during the 60s-and going to a full hour–matt dillion seemed more laid back

  22. incirlik1 says:

    Legally, words don’t mean squat. Who drew first?

  23. TealGhost2 says:

    i love gun smoke

  24. michaelwright999 says:

    Boy they were real men in those days, never had condoms.

  25. whiskeyify says:

    I guess the old shows were rougher.
    here he takes the law into his own hands.

    in the newer shows he would tell him he’d better be out of time by morning.

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