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Gunsmoke in The Sharecroppers

Season 20 Episode 635 Aired: three/31/1975 This here is the really last Gunsmoke Television series. A comedy of errors puts Festus behind a plow, farming for a family members of shiftless sharecroppers Note: Guest star, Bruce Boxleitner would co-star with James Arness in the series How the West was Won, and would co-star with him in the made for Tv film Red River and the last Gunsmoke film 1 Man’s Justice.

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11 Responses to “Gunsmoke in The Sharecroppers”

  1. Chesbelloc says:

    Amanda Blake who played Miss Kitty quit the end of the next to last season.She later said that if she had known the show would only last one more season she would have stayed.Amanda Blake died in 1989.She died of AIDS, the result of a contaminated blood transfusion.

  2. limenana says:

    I loved Gunsmoke especially Fetus!!!

  3. PKingman says:

    I loved “Gunsmoke” but I can see that in the end it had deteriorated into a bad soap opera. Awful. But I’m only 9 minutes into this thing. Maybe the key players will arrive sometime?

  4. dotcomguy79 says:

    wheres Miss kitty?

  5. Dios67 says:

    12:47 closeup… its TRON!

  6. jrlomy2k says:

    I wonder if anyone else recognized Victor French (aka Mr. Edwards from Little House on the Prairie) in this episode?

  7. Kilooscarromeo says:

    This is 1 of the best episodes. I think they did this 1 perfectly.Festus was especially fantastic.hahahah Toby, “how”s your pie settling now”. Dibble Pugh Hahahah. Av Marie to Festus “why don’t you & me go find some shade” “WHAT”
    Susan Benton was wundabar

  8. bdj010 says:

    Love southern gals!!

  9. bdj010 says:

    The final episode of the series.

  10. Teflon65 says:

    Interesting episode.

  11. GJNCA says:

    The show was still popular and all the stars thought they would be returning for another season! CBS has pulled more hit series off the air while they were still doing well in the ratings than the other networks combined!

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