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Gunsmoke in Support Me, Kitty

Season 10 Episode 346 Aired: 10/24/1964 Hope, the daughter of 1 of Kitty’s old pals, comes to Kitty for help. Hope’s pregnant by a man who has backed out on marrying her, and Kitty has to support get Hope back to her mother. But their stagecoach gets hijacked on the way
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17 Responses to “Gunsmoke in Support Me, Kitty”

  1. alice9684 says:

    its miss kitty you pervert. movez500

  2. pooltent111 says:

    Burt dont take no crap!!!

  3. movze500 says:

    Matt needs to give Mrs. Kitty what she needs !!!!!

  4. CC532009 says:

    Love the last scene with Matt and Kitty…. It is an AWWWWW moment!!

  5. scorpio888 says:

    “Specter” and “Furnas”

    This was kind of a good, slightly macabre episode.

  6. SuperBigblue2 says:

    @Kilooscarromeo you know whats dummer than a blonde? a canadian

  7. nockuout1 says:

    LMAFO @ Burt.. are ya hurt ?? WHAMO !! yeah , you look hurt… brilliant..

  8. gene19431 says:

    How did carl end up where he did at the stagecoach.

  9. Kilooscarromeo says:

    I guess it was one of those blonde haired days with the stage coach holding all that money with out any shotgun rider.

  10. Kilooscarromeo says:

    I’d take a bullet from Mrs. Kitty. Would be a pleasure she can shoot me anytime she likes hahahah

  11. OinkySetsTheCurve says:

    Snapping buttholes – The Ikester forgot to get a dude to ride shotgun…Oink ;0)

  12. Bonanzaplaylists says:

    @RandyAKing lol someone must sneak around and pick it up. I live near a city where all motored vehicles are banned and most people get around by horse. The streets are a non stop mess. Many people are employed to constantly go around and clean up the streets from morning to night.

  13. reneecalling says:

    I would guess back even in 1964 the word “pregnancy” couldn’t be used on the air.

  14. RandyAKing says:

    Not Clarence. Not Henry. It’s Ike Godsey!

  15. RandyAKing says:

    @Bonanzaplaylists I guess they don’t need a dung shoveling because there’s never any dung. lol

  16. Bonanzaplaylists says:

    You never see the guy who goes around the streets shoveling the horse droppings. I’ve seen the guy who lights the street lights. But no dung shovelers.

  17. SpoiledKitty07 says:

    YESS. my favorite episode. I was going to request this but never did. Thanks for reading my mind!!! 5/5

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