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Gunsmoke in Bottleman

Season 3 Episode 106 Aired: 3/22/1958 Tom Cassidy (a drunk) tries to kill Dan Clell (a new gambler) in town.

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17 Responses to “Gunsmoke in Bottleman”

  1. mustaffa1611 says:

    I like the way Clell thinks. Im gunna dump my girlfriend and shack up with her daughter when she graduates next year, I reckon.

  2. djk28161 says:

    That guy with the stache was scum,as are all stache wearing boys ….you all need to be shot, slapped and institutionalized…in that order….Death to the stache and allscum that wear them

  3. cardguy0 says:

    I think Chester owned that song, Run rabbit run….

  4. lauxsd123 says:

    According to the bagavad-gita (5,000 years old?) a man stealing another man’s wife is a capital offense- or was.

  5. lauxsd123 says:

    Artemis Gordon!

  6. TheSunmanho says:


    the short “Gunsmoke” episodes in black and white are my favorites

  7. almagore1 says:

    If this was written today, Matt would have shot Clell, Cassidy would have gone to rehab, Flora would have found out that Cassidy was her father and everyone would have lived happily ever after. The old Gunsmoke episodes weren’t written that way and this is a good example. People make mistakes and ruin their life, just as in real life. Bad things can happen.

  8. dannyrose55 says:


  9. kaewonf8 says:

    Ross Martin–very versatile character actor, equally credible good guy or baddy.
    Maybe I’ve seen too many of this kind of plot, but I knew instantly why the drunk had it in for RM’s character.

  10. abc123gpl says:

    Nice Episode.
    Bottleman done it right in this special case .

  11. 20alphabet says:

    Awesome! Simply brilliant how the writers could develop such a great story with just 26 minutes to work with. No such talent today.

  12. 41057al says:

    Miss McCay went on to star in the famous “Chato” episode in 1971. Very good actress.

  13. RandyAKing says:

    SPOILER!: I’m not sure Matt should have arrested that old Tom Cassidy in the end. Clell was pulling a gun.

  14. indianapolisrebel says:

    R.I.P.James Arness

  15. helpme323 says:

    Thanks so much for the episodes. Keep season 3 and 6 coming. If you have the real episodes of “joke’s on Us” and “speak me fair”( season 5), I would love to see them. The episodes here with those 2 names are not the correct episodes.

  16. CharveI says:

    Never knew Kitty was a partner in the saloon at first

  17. JimmyCarol100 says:

    Man, that’s sad, if Tom woulda let Matt handle it. Matt woulda probably shot Clell if he shot at the stage coach. Really like the ones where Matt tries ta help strangers.

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