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Gunsmoke 1962 Opening

The rarley 1962 opening. 1st Season w/ Burt Rynolds.
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25 Responses to “Gunsmoke 1962 Opening”

  1. MetallicBill says:

    @Landaux I want to see the one supposedly used as audio sample in Pink Floyd’s THE WALL?!?!

  2. worseto says:

    @Landaux not sure

  3. 1Bandit455 says:

    Super — Gunsmoke had the Best sounding Gun’s !!!! .

  4. Landaux says:

    @worseto The black & white episodes?

  5. worseto says:

    We can watch this show in full on tv land

  6. strat63 says:

    THanks for the post, I grew up watching these shows. My favorite was Wanted Dead or Alive starring Steve( Bullit) McQueen.

  7. strat63 says:

    THanks for the post, I grew up watching these shows. My favorite was Wanted Dead or Alive starring Steve( Bullit) McQueen.

  8. D500HemiRam says:

    The man in black on the street was none other than Arvo Ojala. Hollywood gun coach and fast draw expert that taught the likes of Gary Cooper, Paul Newman, and many other stars.

  9. whiskeyify says:

    @eelalien I agree…but I still think James Arness was pretty quick…he’s a big guy and moves kinda slow but he sure could draw fast. I think had he been a sheriff in the old west he could have taken care of most any bad guy coming his way.

  10. foroke1 says:

    you know encore western channel 193 where I live plays this intro all the time. This is infact very common to me.

    We have cable.

  11. buzzclick500 says:

    Ojala in English is “I wish.”

  12. eelalien says:

    I actually met and befriended Arvo Ojala, the “bad guy” in the Gunsmoke opening sequence. He was a gun trainer and more for the cast of Silverado in Santa Fe, NM in 1985. They bought most of the guns used in the film from Allen Firearms, where I worked. I saw Arvo teach Kevin Kline how to spin a Colt revolver in his hotel room. Arvo could have outdrawn ANYONE, trust me. Marshall Dillon would have hit the ground long before he could have unholstered that 7 1/2″ Colt – sorry! Arvo was a great man.

  13. davidh0187dc says:

    trivia: who was the last bad guy (actor) killed on gunsmoke?

  14. SanctifiedHippy says:

    As the story goes, which was actually confirmed by his nephew, there was a local yokel cop whose enthusiasm for handing out sppeding tickets far outweigh’d his IQ, while in uniform with his trusty 6 shooter strapped by his side, set out to prove to his young son that he could outdraw Marshal Dillon. Well he did in point of fact out draw the marshall only to blos away his brand new 25″ color TV console in the process!!!

  15. bill3979 says:

    @TheHauptsturmfuhrer and German.

  16. TheHauptsturmfuhrer says:


  17. TheHauptsturmfuhrer says:

    Did anyone else ever notice that in the opening shootout in the street of Dodge City,that Matt Dillon is out gunned.The other guy fires first,but apparently missed,then Matt shoots him?I always noticed that and years later when I became a law enforcement officer I always concentrated more on aim rather than speed and it honestly made be a very good shot and actually saved my life

  18. dsrtstrmvt says:

    My apologies I was at work and doing more then one thing. I did not realize the mistake that I had made. Thank you for pointing this mistake out to me. I also am not Hispanic.

  19. bill3979 says:

    It’s “Arness”. He wasnt Hispanic.

  20. dsrtstrmvt says:

    Arvo Ojala the man that James Arnez faces in the opening credits passed away in 2005.

  21. melollylolly says:

    good western

  22. andrea2007homie says:

    Come see my new western film just type in search: A Fight To The Death MCAA.

  23. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    The official CBS DVD collections are quite nice, although, I’m so broke I get them from the library. Seasons 1 through 3 are now available with new collections every 6 or so months. I was born in 1961, and, with the show in its 6th season, I’m sure I watched it as a baby and toddler. Later, if I had my pajamas on I could watch it. TV Land only shows the later ones. The original b/w half hour shows are a delight to watch, and, the extras include original sponsor spots where even Doc smokes!

  24. Landaux says:

    I still have yet to see EVERY-SINGLE Black and White episode! Ive only have seen a fraction…maybe 8 to 10 % at the most!

  25. RasMajnouni says:

    James Arness is the brother of original “Mission Impossible” Peter Graves!I remember Gunsmoke still on radio right as it was shifting to the new TV.

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