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Guitar acoustic live Light My Fire & Chico and The Man Show -Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano on episode of Chico and The Man sitcom plays live voice and guitar Light My Fire and Chico And The Man theme with Freddie Prinze n 1975
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25 Responses to “Guitar acoustic live Light My Fire & Chico and The Man Show -Jose Feliciano”

  1. KevSmithGuitar says:

    This show has the best theme tune ever.Please somebody post the album version with HQ audio.

  2. MoPapparani says:

    I can see studio lights in the reflection of Jose Feliciano’s sunglasses :P

  3. wevelostDon says:

    did they ever let people relying on hearing turtles onto tv

  4. 5litreho says:

    Absolutely amazing piece of history!!!!! Ya just don’t see this kind of talent anymore…..The 70′s were one of the best era’s of time ever!!!!

  5. SIGNALSTAT says:

    very nice cool how they did there hand shake.what great talent jose freddie and jack.

  6. HyperBoricTheosophy says:

    NICE! Muchos Gracias Jose, thank you…
    your “sound” is quite unique and un-mistakable for all ears.
    RIP Freddie….

  7. MiaMai1520 says:

    @MrYesca1 Amen

  8. MiaMai1520 says:


  9. MrYesca1 says:

    MAN i member thoes days. in thoes days it was fun . you could criuse your chevy with your lady . i really miss thoes days

  10. NJSWEST says:

    I was RAISED on this. As an African-American man of 43 years, residing here in L.A. it troubles me to see L.A.’s brown & black youth fighting each other. Jose could sound like a “vato” in East L.A. or a brutha from Compton. His musicianship is awe-inspiring.

    I rean an article about Freddie Prinze Sr. and he certainly had his troubles, but make no mistake you’re also watching two of Hollywood’s best actors, and one of the most creative, funny and warmest TV shows to ever hit the tube :)

  11. pulpdoobies says:

    My favorite Chico and The Man episode, largely due to the great musical performance by Jose Feliciano. I commend the person that edited this video because they cut out that violently annoying scream by that woman right before Jose sang Light My Fire…thank you! Also was cool that the editor edited both songs to play back to back when in the actual episode they were played in 2 different scenes. Awesome sitcom with a nice theatrical appeal.

  12. roge69charger says:

    the Good Ole Days! Was a Great Show! Jose, Really can sing any song great!

  13. LastOfSixMusic says:

    Right On…..Thanks…!

  14. LastOfSixMusic says:

    This is great….! Thanks…!

  15. XxLiveBaitxX says:

    Jose was really reaching out to him ( how he aimed the lyrics at Freddie). That wasn’t acting, Jack knew it as well, almost a sense of relief that someone would help shine light to Freddie.

  16. gary1568 says:

    Depression is illusive sometimes but you can clearly see it on Freddie’s face and Jacks – (becuase he knew) when Jose goes into Freddie’s theme song – so obvious – body langauge – eyes swell up etc.. I miss him and know what depression feels like even when performing for an audience.- I’m not talking about feeling bad. Jose hit home when he went into the theme. Pain is pain. I always wonder why people around him or at least 1 friend weren’t able to hold him tighter. Watch mood change here.

  17. artiefun says:

    Great talent

  18. SuperBlahhblahhh says:

    I love this song!

  19. solesirching73 says:

    My favorite all-time episode with Jose Feliciano!!
    R.I.P Jack Albertson and Freddie Prinze, Sr.

  20. squirrelboyfan says:

    Thank you for uploading this.

  21. speakwhnspkn2 says:

    What a tragedy that Freddie Prinze couldn’t keep his demons at bay. We really lost a great one far too soon.

  22. hobbyrocker0308 says:

    Freddie resembled early Billy Joel in the face. Eh?

  23. ejgiv says:

    Fabulous guitar picking and singing.

  24. mssusan1961 says:

    Freddy Prinze 22.06.54 – 29.1.77. Gone too soon, rest in peace. xx

  25. chiminari says:


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