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Guiding Light Bloopers

This is a behind the scenes look at some Guiding Light bloopers. This video is courtesy of Tara!
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Guiding Light Bloopers”

  1. 1964nickel says:

    @LovingLifeAsWeKnowIt “I love that car!”

  2. LovingLifeAsWeKnowIt says:

    @1964nickel and then she says….”the car!”

  3. 1964nickel says:

    Reva, “That could be Josh’s car.” and then she starts laughing. “If you could just have more concern!”. rofl

  4. Zmamii says:

    Im piss we tha viewers dont hav a say so n its not fair how this soap is gone I am piss,,,cbs cancelled so many of my fav shows,,im not watchin cbs any more &$@# them

  5. thumper7396 says:

    I miss my favorite show. If you had a bad day atleast you had something to look forward to. Heck I don’t care if it gets put on another network and is called by a different name. As long as it gets put back on the air wth all of the same actors and actresses.

  6. revalewis4ever says:

    …as a prostitute…” love DINAH :)

  7. Sheri451 says:

    I miss this show! ): Dumb asshole CBS I watched this for 27 years. Three years before my oldest came along, now two more and a great nephew later it’s gome. Screw you CBS!

  8. wickedfan7681 says:


  9. rainbowpride76 says:

    Bring Guiding Light Back, Dammit!

  10. pbleekm says:

    I miss Guiding Light! I want it back on!

  11. thumper7396 says:

    I miss Guiding Light really bad. It sucks they took the best soap opera on t.v. off of the air.

  12. MrPerfect77 says:

    Great Show

  13. deweydudu09 says:

    damn it guiding light was so much more a part of ppl’s lives for so long, way more than the shows they put on in its place and the characters will never be forgotting i gre up watching this and my 9 yr old daughter had to ashame they took away a tradition when they took away GL
    long live josh and Reva i so miss this show

  14. orationi says:

    Sorry about your mom. Mine passed two years later. You are right these bloopers are great!

  15. kennyrocksable says:

    These bloopers are great! I’ve made this vid a fave in memory of both the show and my mother, who watched the show religiously until her passing on March 3, 2003. She’d have loved seeing these.

  16. mikebeastie2000 says:

    man i wanted to screw a whole lot of the women on this show

  17. thumper7396 says:

    I miss this soap opera! They should’ve taken Bold and the Beautiful off instead!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. outofsightoutofmind1 says:

    I miss this show so much. I can’t believe it’s gone now.

  19. The1JAYJAY says:

    LOL! Love it!

  20. MrHoskins1942 says:

    What’s That About From Dick Clark Bloopers?

  21. aurora01100 says:

    too nice kim zimmer

  22. me900100 says:

    Too funny. Kim kills in this.

  23. NakiaLeighanne says:

    reva just kills she’s funny as hell.”i love that car” lol.

  24. AguilaDeMedianoche says:


  25. AguilaDeMedianoche says:

    and CC and JL…?

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