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Guiding Light: Bauer Barbecue

It is July and what does that mean for the Bauers? The annual Bauer Barbecue! Fans of the show looked forward to this event each year. It was a time to see some of the Bauer’s that had been on back burner storylines, see the town of Springfield all interacting together, and all the drama that goes along with it. This time of year does make me miss the show far more considering that the 4th of July reminds me of this annual event. Enjoy this flashback in the past to some of the memorable Bauer Barbecues! Men and women on Facebook located out the theme of this video days just before I posted it. If you want to know about upcoming videos turn out to be a fan:
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9 Responses to “Guiding Light: Bauer Barbecue”

  1. ForeverG5 says:

    The past two 4th of Julys haven’t been the same without it! Thanks for this!

  2. Tigger97498 says:

    Oh man you even included some Bauer BBQ’s I forgot about. I wish the 1991 one was on youtube along with the one that looked to be 94-95ish with Lucy and Alan Michael and Alex ben fletch Holly

  3. Robansuefarm says:

    I really enjoyed this and since I ran out of room in first comment had to do a second one just had to add, that was great editing from Buzz holding Jesse’s naked drawings of Michelle to Danny turning away disgusted. I somehow think Michelle never told Danny about that one. Since Danny didn’t shoot Jesse–on purpose. I know you don’t normally do whole episodes but I would adore to see up Bauer BBQ 2001 the one Gus crashed 1 of my favorites ever.

  4. Robansuefarm says:

    Every Guiding Light fan ought to watch this repeatedly. Just like a real Bauer BBQ it features a gathering of old friends. Clip range from when it was just getting started with Bert in the early 1980s until 2009. Wonderfully full of shots of Maureen, Ed, Rick, Danny, Michelle, Robbie, Alan-Michael & assorted stray Bauers, in addition to Spauldings, Coopers, and Lewises.Only thing I’d have added was Rick’s toast at 2009 BBQ. Michael O’Leary wrote it and I think it sums up Bauer BBQ perfectly.

  5. harlee490 says:

    I love it!! Way to go

  6. vindinArges says:

    Thank you for Cooper shots:)

  7. sim3182 says:

    ahh , so many memories… Love the song choice! Thank you for posting.

  8. lrmcgee says:

    Awesome job! Lots of great memories here! Its just not the 4th without a Bauer BBQ!

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