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Groucho Marx: You Bet Your Life Episode – Secret Word “Chair” (1954)

1954 The interviews were occasionally so memorable that the contestants became celebrities: “nature boy” well being advocate Robert Bootzin hapless Mexican laborer Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez and his offhandedly comic remarks a witty housewife named Phyllis Diller author Ray Bradbury blues singer and pianist Gladys Bentley strongman Paul Anderson. John Barbour and Ronnie Schell all appeared as contestants although working on the fringes of the entertainment industry. Harland Sanders, who talked about his “finger-lickin’” recipe for fried chicken which he parlayed into the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” chain of restaurants, once appeared as a contestant. A guest purporting to be a wealthy Arabian prince was truly writer William Peter Blatty Groucho saw through the disguise, stating “You are no much more a prince than I am simply because I have an Arabian horse and I know what they look like”. Blatty won 000 and utilised the leave of absence the money afforded him to write The Exorcist. No 1 in the audience knew who contestant Daws Butler was until he began speaking in Huckleberry Hound’s voice. He and his partner went on to win the leading prize of 000. Cajun politician Dudley J. LeBlanc, a Louisiana state senator, demonstrated his winning style at giving campaign speeches in French. General Omar Bradley was teamed with an army private, and Marx goaded the private into telling Bradley almost everything that was wrong with the army. Expert wrestler Wild
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11 Responses to “Groucho Marx: You Bet Your Life Episode – Secret Word “Chair” (1954)”

  1. missXspencer1 says:

    perms/relaxers ftw!!

  2. spetnik says:

    @bigred997 They are not in Leviticus – the second mention of the Ten Commandments is in Deuteronomy

  3. joaquinvelasco says:

    I can’t study Algebra and listen to Groucho at the same time. So I decided to forget about Algebra.

  4. fromthesidelines says:

    “The big Chrysler Corporation TV show” Fenneman referred to at 28:40 was “CLIMAX!”, which appeared right after ‘YOU BET YOUR LIFE” on CBS’ Thursday night schedule [8:30-9:30pm(et)]. Groucho was still heard on NBC radio in a slightly different version of his show on Wednesday nights at 9pm(et).

  5. MrWesdotcom says:

    Groucho was so funny. Certainly knew how to get a laugh!

  6. Onlymusical says:

    Love the way he wiggles his cigar at the very end when he opens that De Soto sign. Where can I pick up that De Soto this coming November 17? It puts other cars on the road to shame.

  7. quaxk says:

    can’t wait for that new de soto!

  8. bigred997 says:

    @bigred997 oops. i mean not leviticus but deuteronomy. but, still groucho acted like there was only one correct answer. so i meant to say that they should have thrown the question out and replaced it with another to give them another chance.

  9. bigred997 says:

    the ten commandments are found in both exodus and leviticus with slight textual differences. so, they cheated the first couple out of a winning due to the ignorance of groucho’s staff.

  10. culturehorse says:

    thx merry holidays -and dont for get to visit your local de soto dealer’s cash for clunkers end of year sale!!!

  11. madebutante says:

    Thank you for providing one of the joys of my life: GROUCHO!!! <3

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