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Groucho Marx on ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ (1959)

From Groucho Marx is a celebrity guest on ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ which aired on July 1, 1959. Panelists included: Bill Cullen, Monique Van Vooren, Henry Morgan & Betsy Palmer . The Host is Garry Moore.
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25 Responses to “Groucho Marx on ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ (1959)”

  1. sysy007 says:

    what did he ment when he said “you’re in a much better position for that than I am” ???

  2. GirLInSecondLife says:

    They’re both smoking. ON TV! LOL! :-D

  3. offstride says:

    This is such classic Groucho. Put him in front of a camera and he just takes over. How he makes things get out of control is amazing.

  4. TheLastMonarch says:

    Damn! Look at Betsy Palmer! Mrs. Vorhees was HOT!

  5. SIMPFANN says:

    “You’re in a much better position for that than I am!” Classic, classic Groucho.

  6. mas92 says:

    5:50 what edward cullen was doing 50 years ago.

  7. radconserv86 says:

    I would be after her! She’s so hot!

  8. claudelebel55 says:

    cigarette adds, cigars, cigarettes…. another era

  9. Impowers says:

    No wonder Garry Moore wound up, ironically, with throat cancer. He always had a cigarette going, as did Johnny Carson, who died a miserable death from emphysema. At least Paar, Kovacs, and Groucho smoked cigars.

  10. HamPstOr says:

    Wow, when he says: “You’ll never see this show again.” and yet people still watch this 50 years onwards. Utter genius. This is so funny I almost cried.

  11. RICH020669 says:

    omg they hardly even get to ask any questions. Groucho just keeps on stealing the spotlight. the man might just have been the funniest man in show business ever!

  12. WorldPeaceWillBe says:

    He He He! : )

  13. thinkorthwim69 says:

    I love it still smoking on the tv

  14. bashbrannigan says:

    @antinotis It’s just a TV game show, not 60 Minutes! Groucho is being appropriately disruptive.

  15. bashbrannigan says:

    “If you don’t come back, that’ll be OK too.” Groucho is great!

  16. whoopit1960 says:

    @Addyson1991 The sexy blonde with the accent is Monique Van Vooren from Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein. The other cutsie blonde is Betsy Palmer from Friday the 13th.

  17. whoopit1960 says:

    @Addyson1991 Monique Van Vooren is the blonde with the accent .The other cutsie blonde is Betsy Palmer from Friday the 13th.

  18. younghoss says:

    I’ve read his book, and it is plenty funny.

  19. itsumonihon says:

    god he’s hilarious

  20. Soldier0Cross says:

    Is anyone else here cause of P90X?

  21. seandeyoung01 says:

    I was born in 67′. What is amazing is that Grocho is making people of all ages laugh around the world even today! He is timeless! One the greatest of all time!

  22. misterkrad says:

    can’t find a clip of chico as harpo on ive got a secret rats

  23. antinotis says:

    I like Groucho but he is kind of irritating; he wouldn’t answer any of the questions so no chance his secret would be guessed.

  24. fromthesidelines says:

    …and because Garry Moore was a lifelong smoker, often “lighting up” on camera for Winston on “I’VE GOT A SECRET” AND the various daily and prime-time shows he appeared in under R.J. Reynolds’ sponsorship, he eventually died of lung cancer in 1993.

  25. fromthesidelines says:

    Very gutsy of the producers to allow Groucho to appear with his cigar when the sponsor was supposed to be R.J. Reynolds’ Winston cigarettes (they sustained the show from 1955 through ’61). They frowned on ANY other kind of on-air smoking [including pipes] when their cigarette brands sponsored a TV show- especially John Cameron Swayze’s “CAMEL NEWS CARAVAN” on NBC in the early ’50s {the exception was showing Sir Winston Churchill in news footage with HIS stogie}.

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