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Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life

Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life

Groucho Marx’s quick wit and rapid one-liners– along with his distinctive moustache, eyebrows, and ever-present cigar–made him one of the most famous, iconic comedians of all time! Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo– collectively known as the

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Price: $ 3.10

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  1. Ibanez says:

    Review by Ibanez for Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life
    For anyone who hasn’t seen or collected “You Bet Your Life”, this is a great all-around package. At 13 hours 40 minutes, it’s a generous collection of thirty of Groucho’s episodes. Picture and sound quality are high, with all George Fenneman’s segues intact; inclusion of Desoto and Prom commercials are a welcome charm. For people who already have a YBYLife collection, there are some episodes not seen elsewhere, including Bettina Consola’s gift of pizzas to Groucho, TV cowboy star Crash Corrigan, and rare Pet Milk commercials.

    However, menus and navigation are pretty basic; fifteen episodes on each of two discs are numbered links, but unlike other packages, there are no extras, out-takes, dates, or ability to isolate commercials. Don’t look for printed booklets either; you might want to type your own list of episode descriptions. But for the price, this is a delightful set to own. Recommended.

  2. Frank Kowal III says:

    Review by Frank Kowal III for Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life
    I’m going to post this information for the people – like myself – trying to collect as many episodes as possible with as few duplicates. I’ve gone through and written the Secret Word and first set of guests from each episode in this collection (episodes had two or more sets of guests):


    CHAIR with Carrol York and Emmanuel Klein

    FACE with James Thompson and Joella York

    FOOD with Irene Leff and Robert Beck

    CHAIR with Kathleen Qualen and Ray “Crash” Corrigan

    HAND with Mr. & Mrs. Pusis

    HOUSE with Ula Anderson and Charles O’Brien Osbourne

    CHAIR with Burt Stewart and Mrs. Edgar R. Hill

    VOICE with Mr. & Mrs. Hal Keane

    WATER with Sgt. & Mrs. Sylvester Nelson

    CLOCK with Wanda Klumper and Roger Sharkey

    WALL with Morrie Simon and Dean Cromwell

    VOICE with Beverly Rubens and Charles Dressler

    HEAD with Jan Dietrich and John Roese

    FOOD with Barbara Schmidt and Mario Da Rey (05/13/55)

    DOOR with Nina Kramer and Clarence Allen (02/21/52)


    DOOR with Helen Swartz and Issac Kashdan

    VOICE with Mamie Masara and Albert Hibbs

    HAND with Barbara Ganz and Edward Higgins

    NAME with Mary Bissell and C.S. Forrester (the author)

    CHAIR with Constance Watt and Pat Celeone

    NOSE with Kathy Smith and Alan Calew

    SHOE with Charlie Hymstra and his daughter Rowena

    MONEY with Joan Phillips and Monty Montana (and his horse)

    VOICE with Carolyn Tyler and Brad Andriss

    NOSE with Cornelia Hendricks and Romaine Fielding

    HOUSE with Ginger & Don Drysdale (the baseball great)

    GRASS with Seledor Crockett and Charles Snow

    MONEY with Lois Wright-Bootson and Antonio Capazolo

    CLOCK with Ann Riordan and Bill Eddies (02/18/54)

    SKIN with Steve Wayne and Audrey Kaufman (03/02/1951)

    I obviously had to guess on some of the spellings. As you can see a lot of the Secret Words are the same, making this very difficult to see what you already have in your collection. I had three other discs before I got this one and one of them had all the same ones on this set so I was able to give that one away. The two others had some duplicates but some not so I’m hanging on to those. Hopefully this will help some of you until bigger collections start getting released.

  3. S. P. Escobar says:

    Review by S. P. Escobar for Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life
    This has to be the best collection of “You Bet Your Life” episodes ever put together! I have them all, but this one is best! The quality of the audio goes up and down, but Groucho is always killing you with laughter!!

  4. Koreacollieman says:

    Review by Koreacollieman for Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life
    One of the funniest game shows of the 1950′s. I had only seen clips of episodes and was curious about what was so good about the Great Groucho doing a game show. Well, his wit is on target, I can’t tell if it’s a set up or a real slice of off the cuff. His contestents cover all aspects and backgrounds. They are annoying and in some cases seem to be stero-types brought to life. But then, that may have been their own expectation of how to act.

    My favorite part aside from the hidden jokes would have to the ad’s for the Desoto’s. Having never ridden in one it makes my heart flutter at what was obvious a great car. Will a fan of classic Televison enjoy this? You Bet Your Life you will!

  5. Earl James says:

    Review by Earl James for Groucho Marx Collection: You Bet Your Life
    I’d give 5 stars to the shows themselves. Most of these are public domain and available on You Tube. However, it’s nice to have them on a disk, available at a fair price. Navigation of episodes is difficult, no titles for the episodes – just numbers. It can be difficult to keep track of where you are.

    There is a 1 disk collection, 13 episodes, by Echo Bridge. I’m fairly certain all those episodes are also on this 2 disk collection.

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