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Groucho Marx _ You bet your life -clip

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Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Groucho Marx _ You bet your life -clip”

  1. scifiwritir says:

    He could double entendre ’till the cows came home.

  2. Rumpio says:

    @soccergoalkeeper1 Her name is/was Arlene Holzhauer and she’s married to the guy standing next to her!

  3. soccergoalkeeper1 says:

    She is sooo beautiful!!! Who is she???

  4. johnnyconsumer says:

    Don’t get me wrong. . .I love the Marx brothers. . .but people. . .this is obviously scripted.

  5. seonidh says:

    He’s so sharp the people have no idea whats going on

  6. seonidh says:

    at the start lol except alaska by the looks of it

  7. CBoyardee says:

    That’s Nola alright.

  8. Doggieman1111 says:

    now that’s entertaining

  9. gagexavier89 says:

    She got her good looks from her father… He was a plastic surgeon.
    -Grouch Marx R.I.P

  10. movieman104 says:

    groucho marx the funnest man who ever lived! is also the best gameshow host ever!

  11. KevBaz78 says:

    That last Groucho line had me in stitches…my God!

  12. CharlieChaplinsAngel says:

    i picked up on some of his wit by watching him all the time haha amazing actor. definitly one of the greatest

  13. lilliecow says:

    I LOVE GROUCHO!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  14. ARadicalAliensNoun says:

    @tangomittens As long as sex is aluded to. True.

  15. paulwwwynne says:

    Anyone (perhaps British, because of the references therein) who loves comedy with a heavy emphasis on wit, should check out Radio 4′s Friday night comedy (e.g. the Now Show). They do a podcast too. It’s hilarious. And no, I don’t work for the BBC!

  16. xandreum says:

    @cookieking3 touché

  17. tangomittens says:

    This is proof that you don’t need to curse to make good humor

  18. popspie says:

    The one and only Genius.

  19. americangalbasseyfan says:

    The One. The Only. Groucho! Hooray!

  20. Pitumisio says:

    Tony is right: 2010 – 1933 = 77 years. MORE LIKE 80.

  21. thenegas2008 says:

    @worddigger so did I my dad loved his show

  22. worddigger says:

    This is great. I grew up watching this guy on TV.

  23. JubalCalif says:

    I loved Groucho and this comedy-quiz show….with the emphasis on comedy. It was often hilarious. And he didn’t need four letter words or graphic sexual descriptiions to be funny. Many of today’s so called “comics” could take a lesson from the comedy greats of yesteryear (Groucho, Jack Benny, Fred Allen, etc). THANK YOU so much for posting this! Hope you & yours have a VERY happy new year! :)

  24. kfag101 says:

    he was so quick witted!!

  25. WickedG5150 says:


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