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Groucho Marx 1951 You Bet Your Life Part 1

Groucho Marx 1951 You Bet Your Life Part. Includes intro of 1952 DeSoto.

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25 Responses to “Groucho Marx 1951 You Bet Your Life Part 1”

  1. MIKESOWELL says:

    You know….I think that you are right. In many of the Marx Brothers movies, the few times that Groucho looks directly into the camera when he breaks the fourth wall, he sometimes did appear to be cockeyed….

  2. LouisLambert says:

    @MIKESOWELL To put it rudely, it means that he’s cockeyed. Wiki the term; wikipedia has a good summary of it.

  3. MIKESOWELL says:

    @LouisLambert What is strabismus?

  4. mrhipsterdoofus says:

    @Fudolux We are Devo

  5. LouisLambert says:

    I can’t find any referent to the fact that he has strabismus. Has this fact been completely overlooked in literature?

  6. Haseotoramaki99 says:

    Hey I’m from Petaluma

  7. Haseotoramaki99 says:

    @Fudolux maybe

  8. MrNamdor says:

    lol, “my standards are low, I don’t care what we discuss” Groucho, the best

  9. Foxrrob says:

    My dad had a 1952 Desoto.

  10. benthemiester says:

    I used to watch the reruns in the 70′s. Loved this show. The Honeymooners used to come on after this show. Loved that one too.

  11. Rumpio says:

    By my calculations this is the 22nd November 1951 edition. (Should anyone want to know!)

  12. bandboy10 says:

    @StrongGlad999 he says Poop and you laugh… these people act and act well… so shut up

  13. fIRsTRATmAN says:

    The girl seems so good natured and genuine… Shame you dont see many of them today.

  14. StrongGlad999 says:

    It sickens me when ignorant people say “Groucho? Three stooges? Abbot and Costello? Monty Python? They’re not funny, they’re stoooopid! Dane cook, now he’s funny!”

    Lies i say!

  15. zaq423 says:

    I agree with Fubolux that you can have a wonderful tv show without flashing tits, swearing, death and mayhem and other non-sense. But it does not hurt!!

  16. Setebos says:

    Gosh. Genuine wit and intelligence carrying a television show. What a concept!

  17. st8184an2 says:

    This show would be so interesting if one of the tv stations decided to do a modern version of this one. Say the secret word and win $100. lol

  18. unclewalt56 says:

    @000tay000 oh yes, and all white downtown shopping areas… diversity bs.

  19. kevineatworld says:

    Gotta get me one of those DeSoto Plymouths

  20. rockinmosquito says:

    Clips like this only show, that the good old days were in fact better than today.

  21. benforshay says:

    @Fudolux its like we did a swan dive from the top of the mountain into the shallowest part of the pool. this is great stuff that none of the kids will sadly ever know about.. keep uploading

  22. richardterrell says:

    I remember this show from when I was a young teenager.

  23. brougham89 says:

    Well it depends what you experienced during that time and what your personal interests were. You were obviously interested in the movements and politics at the time. Although this was truly unfortunate, unclewalt56 was describing what he remembered when he was a kid. Of course he may have had a different experience had he been older during the time. You were probably in your teens or early twenties at the time and remembered the real monstrocities of that era.

  24. kmacjack says:

    An outhouse is the item behind the house

  25. 000tay000 says:

    so youre saying that so long as you were decent you got treated with respect right

    so i guess that means that whomever was discriminated, either verbally or violently did deserved it 100%

    again i repeat my ending = douchebag…

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