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Grizzly Adams Pilot Episode Part 1

Title says it all , a request from one of my subscribers , take pleasure in !! far more to follow……………………

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25 Responses to “Grizzly Adams Pilot Episode Part 1”

  1. KF6LIL says:

    I REMEMBER THIS SHOW FROM THE MID 70′S it also starred denver pyle as mad jack

  2. MultiModality says:

    What kind of garbage is that? If he has time to casually WALK out of town, then he has time to pack up the family and take them with him. Saw this as a kid but never the pilot. This changes the whole story to deadbeat dad. Too bad.

  3. kcsledge95 says:

    I loved this series, but never saw the pilot, and I just had to run and give my own daughters kisses–this hurts!!

  4. ladbrokesmafia says:

    @MisterFrenchy1987 YOU ARE MOST WELCOME , ENJOY THE REST :-)

  5. MisterFrenchy1987 says:

    Thank you very much Ladbrokesmafia! Incredible and beautiful first ten minutes of the legendary Grizzly Adams… My heroe, the heroe of my childhood! Great moment of television! I’ll love forever this magical serie! Thanks! :)

  6. ABBAJim71 says:

    I used to watch this show occasionally when I was little.

  7. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    Now if this was real those animals would have Jacked his ass up

  8. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    I loved this show as well

  9. Jmflmom2 says:

    Went to a biker event in Orlando and met Grizzly Adams today .. What a nice guy!

  10. DeathByBlunderbuss says:

    Wow he really did have a beard! Happy Gilmore reference.

  11. mesoples says:

    lol gringos lelos

  12. amcanmike says:

    great movie, great times

  13. insidegroove21 says:

    the real grizzly adams this show was based on is burried just up the road from me in Charlton, MA

  14. Sportschuetze84 says:

    @LonzaLJohnsonFarkas Hey, that’s how humans
    say thank you to the bear and all other living beings
    on earth ! =)

  15. Sportschuetze84 says:

    People…why you are so sad ? รด-o Now we have
    nicer things like gang wars, drugs, pornography
    and corruption, financial crisis. We should be happy
    having so much diversion. ;) Sh…. sad we don’t have
    a time machine to get into that time….

  16. TEHTYMEKITTEH1 says:


    Get a grip dude

  17. KrisForges says:

    Age 8, SpaghettiOs, home sick, Winnie the Pooh comforter. Never Forget

  18. CitizenKane380 says:

    Thanks, I read for myself and you were right about the facts. Bit of a buzz kill though.

  19. LonzaLJohnsonFarkas says:

    @mythic89 Do your HOMEWORK! … As much as I loved this show, James “Grizzly” Adams was NOT the great “person” that the show made him out to be! … He went bankrupt and headed for the hills, leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves. … He so-called “befriended” a bear cub. That bear later died in a freaking zoo! … Born free, but died a captive. … I did a search on this and that’s how I know.

  20. fluorescentfrank says:

    Good stuff…….

  21. marioBilly1 says:

    the best!

  22. mburrier222 says:

    @soeasylivin ease up on the crack.

  23. amcanmike says:


  24. ladbrokesmafia says:


    be nice !!!!

  25. kerbschnitzerxxx says:

    so beautiful

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