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Grizzly Adams : Main Intro

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25 Responses to “Grizzly Adams : Main Intro”

  1. DaddySweets1972 says:

    He is a big ass Gentle Giant! lol Don’t ever mess with those kinda dudes when they snap it’s game over.

  2. FloridaRaider says:

    Sad they no longer make these long intros. They did it so they could fit in more commercials. :(

  3. ROTTYLUV4ME says:


  4. giomole says:

    long enough to get your number!

  5. paulgoff18 says:

    @ninja6kid you dont know what u missed this was a great show not like the crap on tv today. who the hell needs dumbass reality shows . this was a great family show

  6. Sol79Invictus says:

    great show
    greatings from Croatia


    This is one of the best series ever made. They don’t make quality stuff like this anymore, now the thematics are all about $ or sex, fucking makes me sick.

  8. fusionfire451 says:

    why no Madjack or Nacuma in the Final movie? GREED sumtimes theses morons need to remember there doing more then acting there doing a public service
    inspiring a generation.

  9. worseto says:

    I loved this show so much.When i was a kid as many children did .It hurt me so much that dan hagerty got into so much trouble.I dont know what judge put him in jail but i wanted you to know that if your still alive you made a lot of children cry when you did that.

  10. xgmb45 says:

    most epic beard ever

  11. dmtdmt1969 says:

    @Elemer7 First off I hate George Bush and Mexico attacked us we only retaliated please read your history book.Your country doesn’t even have an army so that might explain your position and watch what you say about Americans your country needs the U.S. retire dollars to survive and that woman that runs your country might explain why your married to a cross dresser.Escriba por favor pronto!

  12. Elemer7 says:

    yeah,….aha,… and the justification for that war was??….. Greed….
    Good job defending a war….I guess the last president you had wwas an inspiration….
    and like I said befroe, I am not Mexican , so I didn’t get anthying stolen, and no one has ever kicked my ass pal!

  13. dmtdmt1969 says:

    @Elemer7 We didn’t steal it we kicked your ass in a war! little different than stealing.

  14. Elemer7 says:

    you fucking biggot, I am not Mexican, but you can’t blame a country for ruininig another…. Besides, if I take history as it should be, you stole half of Mexico to create United States…..check your history books, cause all of Texas to the coast of Califronia , was Mexican before…

  15. mythic89 says:

    I am 39 yes old and we watched this show every week and every time I hear this sing I just get a peaceful, nostalgic , warm feeling inside and I go back to a time when I was 7 years old again and life was so simple. I wish they would learn how to make Television shows like this again so I could create memories with my daughter like the ones I have of watching this show with my parents , someone
    please KILL reality television

  16. dmtdmt1969 says:

    mexicans have ruined our country!

  17. saph2104 says:

    so much nostalgia! *throws up and head explodes*

  18. sloanedakop says:

    I am 7 years old again,nearly welled up when i heard the theme tune,thanks for posting this part of my childhood

  19. kdm1224 says:

    I have never in my life found a show so dear to my heart as this. Cheesy???? I guess you just had to be there. This show back in the 70′s was amazing. Now here in 2010…still amazing. I’m 42 and have lost both of my parents. Today watching this Intro Clip I was shocked to find myself in tears by the end of it. We never missed an episode it was something we looked forward to each week. Wow do those memoris put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes…what I would do to get that back.

  20. monkeyboy4746 says:

    This is a very funny intro, I think it is time to remake this one, he had a “special kind of way with animals” and I think the Indian in this one carried a purse, they re-made Starsky and Hutch, so I think it is time.

  21. kerbschnitzerxxx says:

    so beautiful!!

  22. geniennis says:

    What gr8 memories and I love the theme song ” Maybe” by Thom Pace. Cheers Eugene

  23. 1NINJAD says:

    dude i was born in 94 and i always knew the name grisly adams for no reason, so i finally decided to search it on youtube and i have no idea what this is.

  24. HordeFTL says:

    @arriscado13 You do realise the bear used was a female..

  25. arriscado13 says:

    they used to have to wank the bear off to control it

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