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Grizzly Adams : Main Intro

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25 Responses to “Grizzly Adams : Main Intro”

  1. wolfatnight says:

    my God…. where did the time go? interesting how entertainment is a reflection of the times in which we live…… we watched this show religiously as kids…. positive message, no sex, no drugs, etc…. now the kids watch “Jersey Shore”…. God help us all….. Long Live Adams, Mad Jack, Nakoma, and Ben

  2. turk242 says:

    right there with ya! Nakoma was what sparked my interest in Native American culture and is likely the origin of my sensitivity to their plight in this country – their land! i just bought the entire series today on eBay (looks like its transferred from VHS but hey – its more about content) hoping to share it with my kids as my dad did with me. think i’ll pick up a dreamcatcher too now. cheers!

  3. riv4life618 says:

    @turk242 Oh my gosh!!!!!! Totally forgot Nakoma!!!! He was the coolest! Just goes to show how long its been. Too Long!! I remember seeing his action figure and begging my dad to get it for me!!! I seriously think he’s a huge reason I try to have more Native ancestry than actually do and why I have one too many dream catchers in my house, lol Thanks for reminding me of him!!!!

  4. riv4life618 says:

    @turk242 Oh my gosh!!!! I totally forgot Nakoma!!!! Just goes to show how´╗┐ long it’s been. Definitely too long!!!!He was the coolest, I remember seeing an action figure of him once and begging for it! I think he’s a big reason I try to have more Native ancestry than I actually do, lol!! Thanks for reminding me!!!!

  5. turk242 says:


    and don’t forget Nikoma! he was my main man!!!

  6. 5thSSVikingDiv says:

    A good show like this would never be popular today…no sex, violence or profanity.

  7. riv4life618 says:

    Used to watch this all the time when I was little on Saturday mornings in the mid 90s. Great show, totally loved Ben!!! And Mad Jack!!!

  8. amcanmike says:

    great show

  9. clay70 says:

    Is this a forum about a good 1970s tv show or a forum for bigotry talk?

  10. erniesigsoundfan says:

    @2003drz125 Yes, he is.

  11. njdevil281 says:

    Grizzly Bear cub…shows black bear lol

  12. 2003drz125 says:

    is that uncle jesse narrating

  13. finnbarrhagan says:

    @JoeNJ1 what general defence? God is our defence…

  14. JoeNJ1 says:

    @finnbarrhagan general defense

  15. JoeNJ1 says:

    @blueseater94 ditto here!

  16. mowm88 says:

    That was a decent kids show back when. Haven’t seen this in 30 years.

  17. CitizenKane380 says:

    I loved this show when I was a kid….. But is corny as all hell now.

  18. blueseater94 says:

    I definitely need a place like this to get away from the idiots & morons of the world ….

  19. finnbarrhagan says:

    what did he need a gun fer, i hope he wasnt shootin canadians…

  20. ghostdude99 says:

    Its interspecies erotica fuckos!

  21. rawlingsbaseball02 says:

    Grizzly Adams did have a beard

  22. PetShopMod says:

    This theme and the theme to ‘The littlest hobo’ always made me cry as a kid watching it. Not allowed to now cuz im an ‘adult’.

  23. VidRanger973 says:

    N.J. bear cubs are in trouble starting Monday.

    Please see Donuts for Boo Boo N.J.
    Here on YouTube

  24. cay311 says:

    the world was always full of terror. Only before it was the USA that did most of the terrorizing of other nations. Thats why you could sit safe at home in 1975 in a cinema and watch grizzly adams while your countrymen secured your 50ct a gallon car-gas and heating bill by torturing innocent men and women and children.
    if you don’t believe me, just visit some of your fellow countrymen who came home
    disabled and are now riding wheelchairs and askwhat they did across all the oceans.

  25. venneveetv says:

    Hay Mr grizzly adams dan haggerty is on facebook he would love to here from fans of the show hes now 68 years old looks like all that walking in the moutains helps him live longer and eating wild meat much heathier we should all follow his footsteps

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