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Grizzly Adams DID have a Beard

Best line in Happy Gilmore
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25 Responses to “Grizzly Adams DID have a Beard”

  1. cjdaly91 says:

    Not uh!

  2. spinarado says:

    Grizzly Adams did have a beard

  3. BlooDragon009 says:

    @fatchmike NO.

  4. s1rand4d says:

    This movie brings back memories lol

  5. hameed says:

    Man should’ve won an oscar

  6. ComicRelief17 says:

    Shooter Is Such A Child “Nun Uh! I Called It First!” lol

  7. Violaki27 says:

    hahahahaha this movie never gets old

  8. ThaMVP7330 says:

    why does it always seem like shooter owned by every other scene haha big adam sandler fan best movie ever

  9. grizzlyadms34 says:

    Yeah I do

  10. jprenderg says:


  11. TrakArtz says:

    65 People Google’d Grizzly Adams.

  12. TheInvisibleProject says:


  13. hinsideball16 says:

    @VGamerJoe Fantastic observation, genius.

  14. VGamerJoe says:

    @hinsideball16 Foreshadowing has been used in literature far before this movie.

  15. dpas2009 says:

    Shooter McGavin is like a spoiled brat. So childish and so overbearing.

  16. JulianSaiyan98 says:

    Shooter:Yeah Grizzly Adams had a beard
    Other Guy:Grizzly Adams did have a beard

  17. dpas2009 says:

    I don’t think that Shooter would want to beat Lee Trevino.

  18. sammi0202 says:

    this is on repeat and i can’t stop crying! SO funny. best movie of all time

  19. hinsideball16 says:

    Happy Gilmore invented foreshadowing.

  20. krusteenie823 says:

    @fatchmike NO!

  21. 6Ott7 says:

    Nuh Uh..I called it first.

  22. lancewwu says:


  23. MyMIXmedia says:

    Believe this or not, i have a co-worker that is a splitting image of shooter Mcgavin.

    I always look at him in a funny way, he is awesome. whever i see him, i think of shooter.

  24. AdamLFC060894 says:

    Keep pressing the 7 key.

  25. smithson876 says:

    Hahah. Love Lee. His awesome head shakes

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