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Grizzly Adams – Bulwarks

Fresh out of Lawrence, KS, Grizzly Adams is ready to party! Lyrics: The Aegis that surounds you, keeping you clean from what we fear I can see the struggle in your eyes, blistered from the effort pull the handle and test your luck. The future depicts your drying oasis. Theres a dark shroud falling, holding deaths bite and dissolution have you misunderstood? we’ve been attempting to endure this infection and we will never surrender. but the language you speak only brings an omen of ruin and the words i preach cannot impale your ego all your medals, idols and accomplishments will be torn down. dont blink prior to i show you, this is the finish this is the end of it. Stick to your guns and draw. everybody can see how quick you are to fall. produced and mixed by jeffrey gengler i am the rhythm guitarist… and yes i know, i did not dress to impress the day this picture was taken lol… but i do have a small style
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25 Responses to “Grizzly Adams – Bulwarks”

  1. awsomeMel15 says:

    this is preety freakinqq amazinqq. you should make the drums louder and harder tho

  2. AILD1069 says:

    Damn good guys.

  3. austinfailz says:

    Sound good, but look like shit.

  4. GrizzlyAdamsKC says:

    check out our bands page for some guitar covers of our newer songs!

  5. Ayp3ros says:

    fucking sick you guys are awesome

  6. ForeverTheShortest says:

    You’re awesome!!! :D

  7. MrEmojames123 says:

    i am forming a band as well.

  8. ltdviper200fm says:


  9. xXbrutal2juanXx says:

    i actually like this it sounds abit hardcore-ish im loving it great job vocals need some work but great song though

  10. EntwinedbyVengeance says:

    I really like this- reminds me of born of osiris for some reason

  11. MatthewLeisher says:

    Omar, you kinda sound like my friend, who’s also a screamer. Pretty decent song, btw.

  12. Krodos1990 says:

    the acacia strain?

  13. Krodos1990 says:

    pwd = parkway drive?
    tac = ?

  14. itsthatgrape says:

    actually, the vocals are pretty epic. Not sure if i like the flow, it reminds me of pwd + tac; which is one terrible combination.
    keep doing what you’re doing, I was surprised (in a good way) when i listened to this.

  15. guitarlegend360 says:

    good music for a small band like you i like it :) but stop the spamming

  16. beerii09 says:

    omar ramahi likes men

  17. Krodos1990 says:

    brian god damn wingert

  18. ReeceLHinze says:

    Came back and listened again… good shit.

  19. therisingfall123 says:

    1:32 sooooo sick

  20. beerii09 says:

    thank you soo much!!! we love the support and kind words :)

  21. D91ftw says:

    thats really good, only 14 days and over 750 views too. hope u guys get far as not only a band, but as friends aswell. i’ll share ur bands name with a few friends for sure ^^

  22. murphy0847 says:

    @beerii09 No problem man i have worked with lots of bands and that comment was after listening just once i’ve heard the song four times now and hooked up my computer to some PA speakers and i’m digging it you guys sound a lot better loud lol i tried playing your riffs on guitar and pretty sure i got it kinda just did it for fun and it was pretty fun

  23. beerii09 says:

    thanks for the honest input! its nice to get some of that from someone who has an ear for music, and not just hated on… not gonna lie, the guitar work in this song IS pretty cake, but its also one of our older ones… we are working on some new jams that are alot more technical than this, and should impress more people

  24. murphy0847 says:

    I can’t decide if i love the music but i’ll keep listening and subscribe to look out for more of your stuff….drums are pretty good but your guitarists aren’t incredible but good vacalist needs work but that will come rather quickly i’ll let people in california know of you guys

  25. dudeWTF7896 says:

    Holy shit my name is also Omar UGFTW!!!

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