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Grizzly Adams : Adams and Mad Jack

You can now buy this dvd on my secure web site..

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19 Responses to “Grizzly Adams : Adams and Mad Jack”

  1. smvisele says:

    I used to watch this as a kid- I loved it-!! same with another good show called Amazing stories by stephen spielberg. great shows!

  2. 100imachristian says:

    what happened to the bear after all these years??????

  3. ShingleCreek says:

    I sure wish someone would release a non-bootleg version of this series on DVD. One that I could buy from a source I know and trust.

  4. KevinBerrylicious says:

    Love, love, love this show, and I’m friends with Dan Haggerty on FB. The guy still looks great!

  5. worseto says:

    Beautiful, just one word, beautiful.

  6. mythic89 says:

    Man they will never make shows like this again I am so thankful I got to be a kid in the 70′s and 80′s I hope one day I can share these shows with my daughter. I really miss the way TV used to be.

  7. useahammer says:

    @chrmedbabygirl …It was Mad Jack that played Uncle Jesse, ya mean.

  8. useahammer says:

    Why can’t there be decent shows like that anymore?

  9. useahammer says:

    Why is it that we don’t have any decent shows like this anymore?

  10. useahammer says:

    Why is it that we don’t have any decent shows like this anymore?

  11. 1themeans1 says:

    love it love it love it we call it old school now

  12. 1themeans1 says:

    I love this show when i was a kid good to see it again

  13. chrmedbabygirl says:

    Forgot it was Uncle Jesse who played Mad Jack

  14. clewi1091 says:

    i remember going to the theatre and watching the movie when it came out. i think i was in 7th grade.

  15. RyeGrog says:

    I would like all the episodes. Brings back great memories.

  16. IBDJFRED says:

    how the hell do I email you so I can see all the episodes you have?

  17. westdavies says:

    When are they going to post these episodes on Hulu?

  18. ASIK0607 says:

    Thank you jonnyangl very very much:):):):):)

  19. celie72 says:

    thnks for uploading this i enjoyed it great memorys of grizzly when i was young thanks again xxx

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