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Green Acres

An old sitcom from 1969. This should have been recorded directly from the CBS network line given that the high quality is so good. This is just an edited example, not the entire program. It gives you a taste of the show and how television broadcast played back from a 2″ Quad VTR looked back in the 60s.

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25 Responses to “Green Acres”

  1. RawSpittasTV says:

    Check out the hip-hop version of Green´╗┐ on my name below ‘RawSpittasTV’ or type in “Green Acres theme song meets hip-hop”


  2. Fis10n says:

    good ‘ol white people television

  3. storrs19 says:

    LMAO! Mr. Haney is a riot with all his scams.

  4. watermananne says:

    Bacon Bait!!!!

  5. Mr007Chief says:

    My uncle had a pig.

  6. Greenhornet270 says:

    FIVE stars!!!!!!! I Love this show!!!

  7. XBONG420 says:

    Good stuff

  8. TL250Rider says:

    This is fantastic

  9. Alexandernero666 says:

    I love bacon but I wouldn’t eat Arnold!

  10. micmac99 says:

    Oh, and BTW, I LOVE Green Acres! The CBS run was before my time but I have enjoyed the reruns. I laughed harder on this one clip than I have watching ANY sitcom of the last 10 years.

  11. micmac99 says:

    This is the CBS sound, all right. When I was a kid, I watched so much TV in the early 70s that by the time I was 5 or 6, I could tell by sound only which network I was watching. Each’s network’s audio sounded different. Even today, when I watch TV, my mind wants to “hear” these networks the same way the audio sounded in the 70s.

  12. mkcthiewes says:

    Thanks for sharing, use to watch this on TV as a kid.

  13. tomdelayhole says:

    Sarah Palin and her family move to Washington.. The Washington Hillbillies. They’d have a cee-ment pond and everything.

  14. smush48 says:

    haney could sell parkas in hell….the best salesman ever…..

  15. mickeyh1961 says:

    Green Acres brings me back to my childhood & looking at this brilliant comedy reminds me of that more innocent time when things were less complicated and society seemed happier

  16. ezHiker35 says:

    Love this. Great quality. These tapes are such wonderful snapshot of our history. More please! About the sound: aside from the obvious frequency limitations, as a kid during the analog era, I always noticed that audio from the network shows had sort of a “roomy” or “spatial” sound that you didn’t hear with locally produced content. I’ve always surmised that this must have been due to the numerous repeaters and amplifiers in the chain modifying the analog waveforms ever so slightly.

  17. wmbrown6 says:

    I’ve found out that this telco sound was Class A intercity, 100 Hz-5 kHz. New York got the high-quality Class AAA 50 Hz-15 kHz; there was another classification, AA, which was 50 Hz-8 kHz, but I doubt TV stations used 8 kHz telco.

  18. wmbrown6 says:

    @jpvp2 – CBS in those days, at their Television City studios in Hollywood and at the Broadcast Center in New York, had 4-vidicon General Electric PE-240 model film chains/slide scanners. (As with their ordering Norelco PC-60 and 70 color studio cameras, their equipment ordering policy with telecines was “anything but RCA.”) However, four of the five CBS O&O’s (except WCBS in New York, of course) back then had RCA TK-27 chains, and WCAU in Philly had RCA TK-42 studio cameras.

  19. wmbrown6 says:

    @Audiovideopark – What would have been the bottom end of the AT&T L.L. telco audio – 50 Hz or 100 Hz? I know 5 kHz was the top end.

  20. tracytcb111111111111 says:

    im 35 and just love this show its a great show thumbs up for green acres

  21. eds1994fatboy says:

    NOBAMA !!!!

  22. mshockey73 says:

    Eddie Albert played the straight man to all the zany characters around him on this show and did it brilliantly.

  23. gm3able says:

    Loved this show.

  24. dancinkindofguy says:

    professional pig witness, I think I missed my calling!

  25. jenschina says:

    Wow look at the cool leopard print furniture!!!!

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