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Green Acres Feb 9 1966 part one

Here it is the full episode of green acres in full originality with original CBS network commercials. Enjoy.
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25 Responses to “Green Acres Feb 9 1966 part one”

  1. oaky132x says:

    Seven children!!!!!

  2. gaiamethod says:

    I loved this in the sixties!!! Little did I know at the tiime that my father was going to end up living with a Danish woman and their relationship was going to be a lot like this!!!!

  3. gaiamethod says:

    I loved this in the sixties!!!

  4. MovieMakers100 says:

    im only here cuz i just heard that “the simple life” was supposed to be like this

  5. TheOptimistPrime says:

    I hated “Green Acres.” So dumb.

  6. pinballcentral says:

    thank you a ton for keeping the commercials in. i love this show and the classic commercials make it even better.

  7. yooperlooper says:

    Green Acres was a great show! Silly, simple, imaginative – lighthearted. Love Mr. Kimble – a walking contradiction, hilarious!

  8. ncmountaingal1960 says:

    @Huggy1959 -You are wrong-video tape was invented in 1950 and was used for the first time on network television in 1955. By the late 50′s many shows were recorded on video tape for broadcast of “live” shows in western time zones.

  9. rdsweet says:

    the foley mother probably throws up or has a liquid lunch

  10. jwyocum says:

    The question about the fact that this print is in black and white, while many people thought all episodes were in color (which they were), is due to the history of early color television. Not all stations even in mid-sixties were able to broadcast in color, even though shows were in color by then. So, networks provided black and white prints to those stations. This is probably one of those prints. They were not colorized!

  11. ebertjoshua says:

    this is my favorite green acers epesode
    i love it!

  12. rdsweet says:

    @picturefish40 her teeth looks like she has been eating too many grape nuts

  13. picturefish40 says:

    grape nuts? I hate that, it was like eating gravel every morning.

  14. fjbutch says:

    favourite was the guy who always beat around the bush and wouldn’t get to the point….

  15. JBosw3ll says:

    Ashley Boswell Jones, just for YOU!!!

  16. Greenhornet270 says:

    my favorite show of all times….

  17. Anonymous01959 says:

    @katmusic2006 They used computers to colorize the first few seasons. the rest of the seasons were filmed in color.

  18. gmartinz01 says:

    Great, subversive, absurdist television

  19. katmusic2006 says:

    wait a minute. i am rather young so i’ve watched this show entirely in syndication. i thought all of green acres was in color!

  20. georgeky1 says:

    @chibago1 That Fordson is a Hoyt Clagwell. hehehe!

  21. sallylea1 says:

    Any chance of posting more episodes?

  22. MissIssy96 says:

    @canrockfan I think you confused me with Lowriderkc2.

  23. canrockfan says:

    @Huggy1959 Yes it was….videotape was invented in 1956..

  24. canrockfan says:

    @MissIssy96 What “gay shit” are you referring to? Are there Homosexuals that don’t know enough to use the mens or womans restroom appearing in the Green Acres tape? You need to grow up and learn how to speak/type/express and to do away with your idiotic shortforms…ie…wtf…….

  25. lowriderkc2 says:

    wtf is this gay shit

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