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Green Acres Feb 9 1966 component one

Here it is the full episode of green acres in full originality with original CBS network commercials. Take pleasure in.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Green Acres Feb 9 1966 component one”

  1. storrs19 says:

    I’ll bet Oliver would love to have some Post cereal for breakfast instead of Lisa’s hotcakes, LOL. Thanks for sharing with us here in it’s original airing format. Nice to see how tv used to be.

  2. beckacj says:

    Wow, what a treasure this is with the commercials. Thanks for posting!

  3. watermananne says:

    Lisa could not cook to save her life..

  4. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    LOL mine too. heck at least WE know the difference between Zsa Zsa and eva. I must admit they looked like twins almost.

  5. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    she and Zsa Zsa looked like twins

  6. garebear1015 says:

    I love hot cakes,especially made by Lisa.

  7. mslegacy01 says:

    LOVE this show!!! Eva was the shazit!

  8. frankiegreenacre says:

    Yep- that’s my name!

  9. Kennymac8251 says:


    The pigs name was Arnold. :)

  10. TheBobolithic says:

    @Kennymac8251 The pig was Arnold, wasn’t he?

  11. Kennymac8251 says:

    Thanks. Brought back may great memories. Show was realy funny.

    I’m sure most old coots like myself will remember this joke:

    What was the name of the pig on Green Acres? No it wasn’t Arnold it was Eva. LOL With the most sincerest of apologies to Eva. She was great on the show. As were all the actors.

  12. rickydfcc77 says:

    @TheOptimistPrime I disliked Green Acres as a child, it seemed annoying to me. It wasn’t until I saw reruns as an adult that I appreciated the humor in Oliver getting so frustrated. He wanted it, he got it. Mr. Haney is priceless.

  13. fairhillnorrie says:

    happy memories…. yes I’m old…. but it was so, so happy times back then.. sorry young people you missed it….. 60s, 70s….

  14. VortexTech says:

    @Huggy1959 Two inch (Quad) video tape was certainly present and in use by that time (actually starting around ’56). But yes, the episodic shows of the period were almost entirely all shot on film (with some odd exceptions, like a few episodes of the Twilight Zone — something Rod Serling was forced against his will to do by CBS as a cost-cutting experiment). Note that by ’69 shows like “Monty Python” were shot on video (except for the outside shots, which were typically on film).

  15. bigretrorod says:

    Yes, video tape was very much around in 1966 Huggy.

  16. nanlisa says:

    Even though I’m a big Green Acres fan, I did not see this show originally. I didn’t start watching it until the Molly Turgis episode two months later (on April 6, 1966). I was only in third grade at the time. But from that moment on, Eva Gabor became the idol of my youth. Sixteen years after she passed, she is still my idol. EVA GABOR STILL LIVES DAHLING!

  17. philster611 says:

    Contrast the advertising of healthy lifetsyles nd eating to the products and lifestyle today. MacDonalds. Burger King. Sugar products and couch potato lifestyle. Any wonder so many people are obese……

  18. loyaltubist says:

    Videotape WAS around in 1966. They just didn’t have inexpensive home recorders.

  19. Jemmer1000 says:

    @knight1768 Uh, Eva long ago passed on. Zsa Zsa is still alive, and planning a family.

  20. knight1768 says:

    @Jemmer1000 ya shes 80 plus now she will gumya

  21. rumours77 says:

    Grew up with this show…..and The Beverly Hillbillies. Thanks for the memories……

  22. chopin65 says:

    @Jemmer1000 You don’t eat with your stomach then.

  23. Jemmer1000 says:

    I’ll eat your hotcakes Eva!

  24. Poopingbotham says:

    Wow, it’s about 200 years since I last saw this! All I remember that it was about a man who had a different suit for every job he did around the farm, and that it had “Green Acres” written on the roof of the barn during the opening titles!

    I’ve never been to North America before, but do the adverts come on as quickly as they did in this clip?

  25. Digitalman1959 says:

    Absolutely one of the best sitcoms ever. Today’s sitcoms are pitiful, terrible acting and no imagination. I’ll watch ’60′s reruns anytime.

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