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Greatest of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 2

The hottest countdown routines plus the ending song from the 1980-81 Season.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Greatest of Solid Gold: Season 1 – Vol. 2”

  1. sineater69 says:

    Due to the recession the value of this show gone up exponentially.

  2. LoneMaquis says:

    Note how the dancers are so not skinny. Babies got back! … and thighs! Alas, those were the days.

  3. TheNepats24 says:

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  4. nacho32 says:

    spandex and nylons epic combo,,, miss the 80′s

  5. HollywoodHillsCookie says:

    Wow…it’s a little like “Showgirls”!

  6. alottaUtube says:

    @tribalson35 Were you wanking it, watching this on YT a month ago? :P

  7. tymcbee says:

    I had to sneak to watch this, my granny would beat me with a cane otherwise, lol

  8. cyberman000051 says:

    freaking’ awesome. 80′s music is the best!

  9. tribalson35 says:

    these chicks were so hot i remember wanking it to this show every time it was on



  11. CAMARO30082 says:

    man would ya look at all those hairy pussy’s! hell yeah! =^..^=

  12. JRPHILLIPS75 says:

    oh Dionne you wasted all your solid gold money on the psychic friends network

  13. fshurs says:

    Mark Sellers made me wet.

  14. hightech62 says:

    @mightyjoe911 …….we all did!!!

  15. mrbomjam says:

    American women have forgotten how to be sexy like these women from the early 80s. Conservative groups have made American women and America the most boring on Earth!

  16. 34stzoo says:

    I’ve always had a thing for the girl with the black hair, she reminded me of Janet from threes company!

  17. wenaldy says:

    Reminds me sum 41 lol

  18. cjs33139 says:

    @emucentral Ummm, I don’t THINK so! Do you know Darcel? She is THE best out of all of them. You must be 15.

  19. emucentral says:

    They really were crap dancers, weren’t they ?

  20. jn1167 says:

    Are those the Ace Rothstien dancers??

  21. defnyung says:

    Great memories. VCRs back in 80-81 were like $600, I think.

  22. luchoq77 says:

    who to blame ,MTV? Iluminati? lol.. Good memories, this reminds me of 1983 flashdance..

  23. DJy2kmalone says:

    i would look at this show every Saturday evening right before dance fever

  24. setpunk12 says:

    god, i thought i had buried this show in some deep recess of my subconscious.

    but here it is

  25. ohtwiddlesticks says:

    @DirkDiggler1102 crazy thing is, as innoncent as this tv show seems, it would fit right in with today if your bring it up to speed because those outfits these woman have on are risky (for the 80′s and even for certain audience today) not saying that we haven’t seen way more nudity, sexier dancing lol

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