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Greatest Love Connection Video EVER!!!

Pasty Linda chooses Mark, a guy with a well groomed mullet who loves to water ski and wear cowboy boots. Watch as they take you on a wild ride even though Chuck Woolery stares in disbelief….
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Greatest Love Connection Video EVER!!!”

  1. inmate1577 says:

    “Please welcome the most annoying c*nt…..ever”

  2. rollyrama2009 says:


  3. CelticVision says:

    Mark has a uni-brow….

  4. miller4557 says:

    chuck didnt say 2 and 2……..this clip sucks

  5. indyfan22k says:

    didn’t this used to be on at 2 AM?

    Imagine if this show was back on the air…….IF only we coould get it back on the air with new shows……….

  6. bettybundgaard says:

    They’re fighting like they’ve been married for 25 years!!!

  7. lesliejo1962 says:

    I bet she is still single. LOL

  8. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @jd426999 Lol! Win…

  9. Trueserum says:

    @bitingontinfoil Wheres the unibrow, Mark doesn’t have a unibrow

  10. Broncojosh88 says:


  11. dragonquest20 says:

    today not hair!!tatoo piercing!!im dreamer im not sex nothing im not exist!!

  12. kerrie1234567890 says:

    Linda is clearly a fashion maven…

  13. MRMADOO says:

    how bout white stockings with a blue dress and black shoes??? tard!

  14. rosietheriveter1 says:

    That lady was really rude. I bet she is still single.

  15. LouisianaCityboi says:

    Aww, they like each other.

  16. MrBootyDickk says:

    these niggers need to learn the meaning of fetish

  17. silentevil77 says:

    Chuck is so powerful he can change the meaning to words.

  18. gpittel says:

    Hell yeah mark. Give it to her. Royal oak Michigan baby!!!

  19. CowgurlBling says:

    no cowboy boots? dumbass lol..

  20. derpdederp101 says:

    lmao i love the black guy getting into it at 1:58

  21. Christafah1 says:

    i’m sorry but was this not the funniest concept for a show? haha

  22. arieperinobng says:

    Get a peace to your life with an Latino girl

  23. newyawker78 says:

    Mark is 24?????????????

  24. fllnktt says:

    Here’s Mark…..(Women in crowd explode into WOOOO’s) hahahAHAHAHAH

  25. mrzeolite says:

    lol, mullet wins vote wtf

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