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Greatest American Hero Intro

A teacher is asked to be a superhero employing a special alien suit with powers he can barely comprehend or control, after losing the instruction manual. He is aided by a Government Agent. Along with his lawyer girlfriend, they together figure out not only how to control the suit, but to proper wrongs. Very excellent show!!
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Greatest American Hero Intro”

  1. pvarl351975 says:

    i like the theme and the show

  2. JLBtiger92 says:

    @Zeitgeist6 ME TOO!

  3. Laker34 says:

    This song truly gives me the will to live

  4. JRPHILLIPS75 says:


  5. KiraJenLove says:

    Sorry, but the video quality on this recording is crappy. The “Ilovetvintros” version is much clearer.

  6. CaptainFantastik1 says:

    @tanquantwal Haha that’s what I always think of when I hear this song.

  7. BesonXL says:

    I was so in love with Connie Selleca!! :-)

  8. stabdarasher says:


  9. BrownHawk35 says:


  10. garamonde says:

    By all logic looking at that opening scene, the show should have been called “Clothes encounters of the third kind”.

  11. Obombration says:

    One of the greatest TV themes of all time.

  12. infinitetruthseeker says:

    I use to watch the reruns of this on TV as a kid in the ’80′s :-p

  13. jimenezjethro says:

    remember this film!like it much!funny!

  14. 34rodzilla says:

    Believe it or no I just pee’d my pants. Thanks Bill Katttt whens House 10 coming out.

  15. Smartboy8877 says:


    I remember that episode. Very amusing indeed! I thought that Seinfeld was great!

  16. cnwesner says:

    Omg lol … My dad used to watch this … back in the day lol

  17. ogbruticus says:

    One of my favorite shows from the late 70′s/early 80′s era,after dukes of hazzard and the incredible hulk :)

  18. segitary says:

    δΈ­ ??

  19. yarekhunt says:

    WOW Careys Promdate is a superhero!

  20. Grantmeister32 says:

    Saw this on Family Guy . . and now its stuck in my head lol

  21. hawaiiman33 says:

    I loved this show when I was a kid man!

  22. tanquantwal says:

    @TrainerGreenQueen lol!!!

  23. TrainerGreenQueen says:

    I sang it on the answering machine.

  24. tanquantwal says:

    @TrainerGreenQueen Cool. Where did you find it? Would love to have it.

  25. TrainerGreenQueen says:

    This is our answering machine song. Only we changed the name from George.

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