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Gospel Legends – Highway To Heaven

Various Gospel artists minister with “Highway To Heaven” at a meeting of over 100 Gospel legends at Bill and Gloria Gaither’s studios in Alexandria, Indiana. 1st piano player/director – the late Rev. Donald Vails 2nd piano player – Elder A. Jeffrey LaValley of Flint, Michigan Organist – the late Billy Preston You also see Dr. Margaret Douroux, Richard Smallwood, Billy Preston, Jesse Dixon, Al Hobbs, Danniebelle Hall, The Barrett Sisters, The Caravans, Debbie Austin, Richard “Mr. Clean” White, Bishop Walter Hawkins, Jennifer Holiday and many, many more!!

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26 Responses to “Gospel Legends – Highway To Heaven”

  1. reddz1970 says:

    @warmlandlass1 that was definitely her.

  2. paulallen34 says:

    fantastic piano playing loved it.

  3. sqairbiz says:

    @warmlandlass1 Amen and amen..just hear having all sorts of church.

  4. dphmichigan says:

    This is how I remember church! I love this!

  5. PrazHymn83 says:

    @warmlandlass1 Yup….that’s her! Good eye!

  6. warmlandlass1 says:

    this rendition simply does not get any better–did I see Doris Akers at 4:06 sitting in the front row in a white sweater w/black decos on it??? somebody tell me, please?!
    Billy Preston played the Hammond organ at Glad Tidings Temple’s dedication in ’62 or ’63, can’t remember which. Oh, but this is a fabulous video clip–truly annointed singing and playing!!

  7. warmlandlass1 says:

    @reddz1970 YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT–GET THEM RECORDED FOR PERPETUITY–ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS MUSIC–Doris Akers taught our Glad Tidings Temple Choir how to really sing back in the early 60′s

  8. reddz1970 says:

    Bill & Gloria Gaither need to put all these on DVD and sell them…i would love to have all these in my DVD collection…we should all write and request them to be put on DVD! THis is true Gospel Music at it’s best!!!!

  9. LASZLOBOY1 says:

    This blessed a little old boy in the south tonight as I needed it !!!!
    Thank you for posting. YOUR A BLESSING !

  10. alexp9999 says:

    perhaps one day we’ll experience this joy just for life itself regardless of shallow exterior ‘differences’. we all gotta start rejecting the empty surface ‘differences’ that threaten to keep us Separate-But-Unequal by focusing sharply on the similarities that bind humanity together!!

    i feel =)

  11. miznatacha says:

    Thanks for posting. This is wonderful.

  12. gosplluvr says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this VIDEO?

  13. PrazHymn83 says:

    @brdanielsjr Unfortunately, this series is not available for purchase. I can’t remember the name of the series, but I’ll let you know as soon as it comes to me.

  14. Pianomajor says:


  15. brdanielsjr says:

    PrazHymn83, what is the name of this video? I saw a gospel legends from malaco records but it is not the same as you have posted here. give us all the info we’d love to have this in our library. Thanks.

  16. cuetip1212 says:

    they played this at my brother funeral ill never forget it

  17. uncleduck14 says:

    Where can i find this dvd at?

  18. The901memphistn says:

    yall dont know nun about this old time chruch. COME ON NOW CHRUCH!!! this is chruch wright here! lol

  19. jddrew1000 says:

    @PrazHymn83 Okay I just love these old time singers. Any way you can find some more?

  20. jddrew1000 says:

    Where and how did you get them from?
    One of my cousins have the whole video. I see if I can ask him about it next time I see him

  21. PrazHymn83 says:

    @jddrew1000 That’s all I had at the moment. I’m sorry. I hope you’re enjoying them though.

  22. jddrew1000 says:

    Hey PrazHymn 83, Why did you stop posting Gospel Legends?

  23. trayda1 says:

    Does any1 know the Title of this DVD or VHS and where I can find it?

  24. SyrenniaLestrange says:

    I’m only 20, but I love older, traditional gospel music.

  25. Change2be says:

    great gospel

  26. OldTimer says:

    No one has answered trayda1 about where we can find this DVD. I mistakenly got Gospel Legends and Gospel Treasures, but THIS is the one I have been looking for. Any ideas?

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