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Gong Show – really bizarre act, trust me

On this clip from the syndicated evening edition of “The Gong Show” from 1977 Chuck Barris first reads an article from a newspaper which takes aim at the program. Chuck dedicates the following act to the article’s author. Strap in, this is a rough one…
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25 Responses to “Gong Show – really bizarre act, trust me”

  1. spxmet says:

    I think Piers Morgan deserves to be gonged! The more I think about it, the more the “Got Talent” franchise is a ripoff of The Gong Show.

  2. yourmajezty says:

    i would hit that

  3. 10000000000000000mph says:

    The monkey’s have all gone insane, why?

  4. MrSkegman says:

    oh–what i would give!!

  5. metaljhon says:

    como se llama el tema de la primera concursante

  6. banner74 says:

    This is titled “really bizarre act”,shoot,what act on the original Gong Show wasn’t, lol

  7. Candi5150 says:

    What the hell is she reaching for?

  8. nihowmache says:

    Unfortunately, this is what a third of American women look ilke today. One half in the south. :( Go Dixie.

  9. Rapthisfool96 says:

    is this even legal

  10. fiandrhi says:

    I’d do her.

  11. ekocentric says:

    @sweeetleaf689 She couldn’t catch her breath…she looked glad to be gonged even though the song doesn’t last for over 3 minutes. lol

  12. ekocentric says:

    Ten pounds of lard in a five pound bucket….

  13. vigo894 says:

    @sweeetleaf689= Because, if she lifted the other leg, she would fall down.

  14. yulakoshka says:

    good for her, she has some “balls”!! I admire people like that!

  15. adamzeppelin91 says:

    I just got a DE-rection

  16. pretorious700 says:

    Look like the average American blind date to me

  17. mightypotato says:

    She got more gongs than the break dancing robot that caught on fire…

  18. yetanotherdavid says:

    Dionne Warwick is hiding from this monstrosity, yet had NO problem raising money for O. J. Simpson’s defense fund.

  19. sweeetleaf689 says:

    lol why does she only kick one leg?

  20. 10menonachest says:

    best game show host EVER. his con is the faulty plumbing.

  21. cjzzzzz says:


  22. yolomo321 says:

    @TheJcp1234 lol

  23. crazyknight2008 says:

    i got an erection … is that wrong lol

  24. mischiefpwns says:

    black men everywhere just got an erection.

  25. themurderjunkies says:

    id hit that

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