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Gomer Pyle: Bayonet training

In this Season 1 episode (The Feudin’ Pyles), Sgt. Carter (Frank Sutton)does his very best to teach the art of bayonet warfare to the idiotic Pvt. Pyle (Jim Nabors).
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25 Responses to “Gomer Pyle: Bayonet training”

  1. pcsbeat says:

    Why didnt we use Pyle to get Al Queda?

  2. MarlboroKnightHawk says:

    Carter: Are we keeping you from something important? I wouldn’t wanna keep you awaaay from anything….

    Gomer: Oh that’s real considerate of you sergeant…bu–
    Carter: GET ON THE TRUCK!!!!!

    (Cat Overboard….S02-E1)

  3. trentcreek says:

    So where is this “Bayonet” training ????

  4. LarryRickenbacker says:

    A sentimental favorite! Nabors’ talent is under-rated.

  5. wolfacula says:

    Haha. “ah? You couldn’t scare a bunny rabbit.” Carter had quite a way of dealing with Pyle. I member as a child I asked my dad (Vietnam vet U.S.M.C.) “There’s no way a guy like Gomer could ever really be a Marine?” He said Believe it or not, there’s one in every platoon. Perhaps he exaggerated, but the point is there. God bless the corps.

  6. 67nairb says:

    That Sgt. Carter was a real softy at heart.

  7. phsycoblah says:

    I love gomer and he’s 30 years before me:D

  8. mama118 says:

    @themanfromwyoming you mean “shazam” ?

  9. azkeyz says:

    I think the policy now is deffinately kill the drill instructor.

    The reasoning for that is because we kill muslims and todays drill instructor is a big black muslim.

    It’s not the same army it was when Pyle was a soldier.

  10. oglum57 says:

    That’s Gunnery Sgt. Carter!!!

  11. Dutchy1965 says:

    I remember Pyle looking old – but 35 years on – I look older than him

  12. THISisPROVEAUX says:

    (hops) ahh!?

  13. dmljm2 says:

    One of the Best Shows on TV and Thanks for Posting.

  14. jck7111 says:


  15. britbiker59 says:

    to all fellow jar-heads:who has ever heard a gunny call the troops “nitwits” and “knuckleheads”? Or say “move it move move it” for that matter? I remember hearing friendy suggestions to “get the lead out of your asses” and some other colorful phrases, and some even more colorful names and questions about our parentage!

  16. paladin712 says:


  17. JarheadM4A1 says:

    @eanstaett24 if you search Gomer Pyle USMC intro im sure you’ll find it :)

  18. bonzoscarpetcleaning says:

    Yes, and I’m sure a real Marine DI would be so patient and so… um… not screaming loud enough to rupture a human eardrum.

  19. psychosniper333 says:

    Pugil is so fun

  20. eanstaett24 says:

    Does anyone know if there is a video of the beginning where the marine color guard marched under the arch? my father is carrying the American flag.

  21. DonMeaker says:


  22. JimmyHopkins2 says:

    lmao i loved this part of the show

    Sergeant: Pyle, could the superior of the US Marines have your assistance for a moment??

    [long pause]

    Sergeant: MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. carnosaurfan103 says:

    who gave this a thumbs down is what i want to know

  24. carnosaurfan103 says:

    @seka1986 yea man

  25. Glennmc7 says:

    I love this show its one of those shows that is still as funny today as it was back then and still after all this time its still better them any of the newest comedy shows of today. GO PYLE!

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