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Golden Girls “Condom” Skit

A hilarious episode of “The Golden Girls” where Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose get condoms at a neighborhood grocery store. They have in no way been more embarrassed in their entire lives! “Condoms, Rose, CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS!”
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25 Responses to “Golden Girls “Condom” Skit”

  1. Coolchick207 says:

    OK, this? This is exactly what I picture happening every single time I go to buy condoms. Every time. So, I do the only sensible thing – wait until I’m several hundred km’s from home and then buy in bulk! … Airport security going home is never fun for me….

  2. Humiliated4Life says:

    these old women are having sex while i just masturbate…i suck

  3. Jeffrizel1986 says:

    I always liked how these 4 women were middle aged women who were so YOUTHFUL acting… Still dating and having active sex lives as almost like they were still teenagers or 20 something year olds lol!

  4. bamthatshott21 says:

    Call me lame but why were they buying condoms in the first place I dont think I’ve seen that episode :(

  5. stabbbber says:

    This made me wanna cum a quart in Blanche’s mouth and butthole

  6. crystalbratcher30ify says:

    @omerta0414 yeah i really is sad.

  7. loveashley213 says:

    I thought the guy at 00:14 said condom too haha “COOOON DOOM, lady.”

  8. greenrangerv1 says:

    I wish they had whipped that dude’s ass

  9. moorednc says:

    OMG! Hilarious. This was so funny growing up watching. Ok, get this, I must have been in like Jr. High thru High School. I was faithful to my G.G.’s
    How can a Black girl from Detroit be in love with G.G.’s? It is what it is….the girls were the bomb!

  10. fishyfishycup says:

    I just love how a clip from the Golden Girls, a show that’s nearly 20 years old now and from a different era, can still have over one-million views on modern technology such as youtube. It’s simply inspiring, knowing that good comedy is truly timeless

  11. RetroJenny says:

    “And the blond has the ultrasensitive….in black.” They just don’t write shows like this anymore.

  12. alinmiami1 says:

    “the black’s a dollar extra”. What great writers they had!!

  13. LadyLizard86 says:

    oh my gosh, I remember watching Golden Girls with my Nana all the time when I was like 5 years old! Thank god I didn’t “get” this one, hahahaha, wow, this show made me laugh when I was 5 and 20 years later I’m still laughing!

  14. Pauly69s says:

    @Tarzana324 lOl!
    thats fukin FUNNY!
    i but em 10 at a time so i dont have to do it so much cuz i STILL get embarASSed!

  15. MrJoseph0 says:

    Aww. What a wonderful thought.

  16. guytik says:

    Thumbs up is Ke$ha sent you :)

  17. Heavenzvoice says:

    Oh my… I cant believe it… I watch this clip just to hear the man say, “calm down lady, you just get out of prison?” classic…BUT I’m looking at the table where the products are and there is Afro Sheen hair grease…lol I would love to know who was the advisor on stocking the store for this scene…..TOO FUNNY!

  18. Morty2264 says:

    @omerta0414 Awww. What a sweet thing to say!!!

  19. CoCoChanel757 says:

    A nestles crunch??? Animal bag??? DentuGrip??? Lol

  20. Theeriuth says:

    Betty White’s insane. She did a metal project song called “nosebleed.” Youtube search “Betty white nosebleed”, it’s true.

  21. builtmore2 says:

    @omerta0414 I remember this episode, and i agree with your comment, I bet they are sharing stories and eating Cheesecake I miss this type of show these days.

  22. mercurystorm says:

    I entered a song in a contest about the importance and safety of condoms. I tried to keep it positive and lyrical at the same time. It’s the first vid on my channel. Any comments, thumbs up, & votes would be appreciated. -Merc

  23. satonya444 says:

    This scene always had me LMAO!!! No matter how many times I see this it gets me everytime!!!

  24. jmacjr101 says:

    Thanks for making me feel better ladies :)

  25. music4ismylife8 says:

    hahahahahahhahahahahahaha -3 one of the best golden girls moments!

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