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Gloria Swanson Vs. Ben Casey

From 1965, the Fantastic Gloria battles “the Everlasting Pinnacle of Conceit”
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25 Responses to “Gloria Swanson Vs. Ben Casey”

  1. 1957MCL says:

    She was a class act and actresses today would be shamed by a retrospective of her work. There is good TV today, thanks to HBO, for example, let’s not be too starry eyed about the so called golden age of TV. A lot of stuff no longer holds up, but I believe Casey would. If we could just see more of it. I’m afraid that when we boomers pass on then…what will pass for nostalgia, what then will be considered great from the past?

  2. kiwigirlcruiser says:

    She was superb in Kraft Suspense Theatre, “Who is Jennifer?”.

  3. DCFunBud says:

    No one walks out on Norma Desmond — and lives.

  4. cheyenne86 says:

    Gloria Swanson scares me, but I love to watch her.

  5. TheSilentComedian says:

    WOW! Gloria in fine form, AND she gets to call Ben Casey “DOLL FACE”, just perfect! Thanks for the clip.

  6. OldMrMemories says:

    Doesn’t Dr Casey realize he’s talking to Norma Desmond. He’s going to land up face down in the Pool.

  7. Houdini774 says:

    “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Demille.”

  8. norfolk03 says:

    Swanson is magical, wish I could see the whole episode. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. jstvwrnw says:

    Gloria Swanson was, without doubt, the most glamorous star Hollywood ever had. She wasn’t as beautiful as some actresses or as talented as some BUT she had CLASS!! She was utterly unique and an incredible woman. Someone like her probably won’t come along again.

  10. JubalCalif says:

    Yowzers! What a delight to see one of the late great Ms Swanson’s TV guest shots from the 1960′s. What a gifted actress! Her role as Norma Desmond in “Sunset Blvd’ is one of cinema’s greatest achievements. THANKS so very much for sharing this awesome clips for us to enjoy! :)

  11. whiskeyify says:

    Pretty sad when you watch some of these doctor shows today….and see what crap they are. this was when we had some really decent actors and a good story.

    I admit it’s sort of a soap opera, but it’s way better than anything on tv today.

  12. sclogse1 says:

    I see this, and then want to see the best from this era…the Hallmark Theatre program, and Run For Your Life, which had very mature scripts. The Fugitive was stilted and depressing compared to Run For Your Life…Hallmark was amazing…

  13. mavivirgie says:


  14. irinagarbo says:

    How beautiful she was!! Even after 65 she looked gorgeous!!!!

  15. wilburbonzo says:

    gloria was quite a powerhouse

  16. hebneh says:

    The elevator door opened at just exactly the right moment for Dr. Casey to make his exit, didn’t it?

    Notice how, when Gloria comes down the stairs to confront her put-upon husband (I assume), she pauses on the correct stair to put her at eye level with him – even a little above. Gloria in real life was pretty short, so it benefited her to have this prop to diminish the difference in height.

  17. killer94061 says:

    dramatic tv at its best he was the greatest

  18. rubberdc says:

    Very natural actress was Gloria,excellent.

  19. disneyclint says:

    I love how almost all of the other silent movie stars vanished, but Gloria Swanson hardly cared that people had forgotten who she was, life goes on after all. And during her last couple of decades of living, when she was offered a TV job here and there, she took it. Why the heck not?

  20. boland44 says:

    He had a strange delivery but I thought it was very effective.

  21. poitrenaud says:

    women like that ought to be tortured, flogged, made to recite several Suras of the Holy Qur’an, then executed.
    And any man who puts up with that crap ought to be executed first.

  22. Sarmatae1 says:

    Gloria Swanson…there are no words.

    Ben Casey just makes me want to slap someone though. Am I the only one who ever noticed that during his dialogue, he just stood there like a great white elephant, swinging his head from side to side? It drives one to distraction.

  23. 1915fas says:

    It seems to me that Ben got the better of her in this exchange – but then he usually did. Great dialogue.

  24. billysscreeningroom says:

    God, I remember this! I think I was seven or eight when this came on but, somewhere in the dim reaches of my memory, I have seen this. A blast from the past, for certain!

  25. wilburbonzo says:

    She was a good actress. I know that she also appeared on the Dr. Kildare program and with Gene Barry in Burke’s Law. And of course on the Beverly Hillbillies as herself and on Carol Burnett. I’d still like to see the musical number on Carol Burnett with Gloria dancing and singing “A New Fangleed Tango”.

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