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Gloom despair and agony on me

A classic from Hee Haw Far more HEE HAW clips at
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25 Responses to “Gloom despair and agony on me”

  1. GetTheLook2010 says:

    @mistresslmk123 I know that’s right. I’m a Black chick too and like you, I also grew up with Hee Haw. I bet I can still name most of the cast. Let’s face it, wholesome entertainment is a thing of the past. The entertainment industry is spewing out garbage and the kids can’t get enough of it. You asked a very valid question: “What is this world coming to?”

    BTW, Roy Clark made that banjo SING!


  2. weaknesscomespainful says:

    Im 17 and I know what this is.

  3. pastorgeorgem says:


  4. vanhouten64 says:

    For some reason they sang this song at the end of EVERY episode.

  5. eeplebert says:

    too bad if Emo kiddiez covered this they’d have no humor about it, deliver it all with a straightface. pretty dang funny, as Grandma would’ve said.

  6. hatfieldadam says:

    i’m 28 and i grew up on this stuff

  7. Pcpolivick1 says:

    I have a video on here of my kids singing this song at breakfast one morning..crazy kids!

  8. mrmjb1960 says:

    I grew up with Archie,Stringbean,Grandpa Roy,Lulu,Buck,Junior and the cast of “Hee Haw”! Loved it so much that I bought “The Stars of Hee Haw”,issued in 1969,at the height of the CBS show’s peak year!

  9. Wrestlegamer says:

    I hope for the day when CMT or another channel starts airing Hee Haw again.

  10. debbipettry33 says:

    this video is AWSOME!!! It reminds me of being a lil kid sitting in grandmas living room as she cooked us some cornbread and beans!!! I LOVE it!!! thank you!

  11. greenwich1754 says:

    @mistresslmk123 All I can say is God bless you!

  12. TheLudNuts says:

    This is the song that Jerry Cantrell was playing on Alice in Chains MTV unplugged

  13. Gwen4everandever says:

    uh oh my brother is being mean to my mom!!!!!!!!! :0 uh oh

  14. shred3303 says:

    I agree.

  15. GooglFascists says:

    @RGJ12 If you weren’t so intent on making a fuss you would know that INBREEDING
    is practiced most by ROYALS and CITY PEOPLE.
    (Statistics bear this fact out – there is more incest in the big cities than the country).
    And THERE IS NO “LEFT” or “RIGHT”. Foreign banks OWN BOTH PARTIES.
    Only chance we have to take America back is to ELECT INDEPENDENTS.
    (and just wait ’til Kate finds out she done married up with a baby crocodile).

  16. whatuautado says:

    Gloom despair and agony on the person who disliked this and the people who brought a political argument here. Hee Haw is classic!

  17. 1927Norma says:

    I remember this show when I was a kid and I loved it…this was fun and lots of clean humor…..can’t even stand tv anymore….its dark and depressing….thanks for these videos..

  18. TheARosemary says:

    LOL LOL LOL… how precious!

  19. mistresslmk123 says:

    PS – Pass me on some of that moonshine…

  20. lorlorjb says:

    @mistresslmk123 I miss the “Picken’ and Grinnin” and “Grandpa, What’s for Supper?”

  21. RGJ12 says:

    @ridgerunner721601 . And, you’re obviously a racist, inbred redneck who likes to teabag Rush’s balls.

  22. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @RGJ12 You’re obviously another typical left wing liberal fool who believes everything that monkey Osambo tells you. If he told you to eat shit, you’d ask how much.

  23. RGJ12 says:

    @ridgerunner721601 . These guys are clearly inbred. So, clearly they are teabaggers.

  24. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @RGJ12 That’s the libturds’ reaction after seeing that ridiculous phony piece of paper Ocrappo is calling his ‘birth’ certificate.

  25. joyouslife4all says:

    an original redneck stuff!

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