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Glenn Beck and Lucy Ricardo’s Greatest Crying Hits

Glenn Beck…the king of fake crying. Lucy Ricardo…the queen of crying, period. A comparison. Comments appreciated!

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24 Responses to “Glenn Beck and Lucy Ricardo’s Greatest Crying Hits”

  1. blbip says:

    hahahahah what a joke!! charlatan populist bullshitter

  2. Dilly5 says:


  3. BethanyRogers1989 says:

    @semiprecious, that’s what liberals do? Huh. You know what Republicans do? Point fingers and forget that there are always three pointing back at them. You need help. Hypocritical bitch.

  4. Novastar6 says:

    like watching a shitty ass soap opera.

  5. omgnumbersandletters says:

    this killed me lol. great mix man!

  6. AndrewCWillis says:

    “Fox is here” Lmfao! “The calvary is here!”

    I love that dudes face while beck is crying to him Fox is here. I can tell whats racing through his mind.

    Oh shit Beck is crying what do I do? What do I do?!? Do I comofrt him? Do I just walk away? I’m not taking chaces I’ll just sit here like a hard ass and pray to got he dries up.

  7. Segador128 says:

    Somebody call the Waaambulance!

  8. hchapron21 says:

    OMG Becky – don’t sweat the video, lighten up. If making fun of Glenn Beck attempting to cry upsets you, watch a video of Lucille Ball faking crying for a laugh. Her fake cry is hilarious, his is fake and repulsive. Sounds like opposite ends of the crying spectrum to me. Have a laugh about the whole thing and enjoy it!

  9. tracerussell says:

    @semiprecious43 What Liberals do? Judge and then talk about things they know nothing about? Bullshit. My brother was born with a birth defect and he died in my arms while I was trying to revive him. Do I get emotional when speaking about him ? Of course. But what Beck is doing here is a false and a sick political move saying that Health Care Reform in America will be doing the same thing that the Nazis did in Germany. Which is totally FALSE! Wake up and smell the bullshit from Fox News!

  10. semiprecious43 says:

    @mediocreplayer As the parent of a child with birth defects, I can tell you I believe GB doesn’t need to fake a tear to cry over viewing a Nazi poster calling for the extermination of people like his daughter. Because I am human. Because I have empathy. Because I’ve experienced things that you may have had the good fortune not to. You can’t judge this man withough having walked a mile in his shoes. But that’s what liberals do. Judge and then talk about things they know nothing about. Typical.

  11. mediocreplayer says:

    @semiprecious43 It is unbelievable that you can’t tell that the idiot in this video is faking it so badly.

  12. ofcccaddy2004 says:

    @TheFallchild336 disagree.. chris christie from new jersey is a good man.. cant find a good democrat tho

  13. TheFallchild336 says:

    @ofcccaddy2004 lol glenn beck is a tough sonofabitch isnt he! there hasn’t been a good republican since Lincoln

  14. ofcccaddy2004 says:

    liberal cowards.. move away please

  15. bor771 says:

    where hi comes from ?????? cave fuck…. knob hi make me sick. die u bastard .

  16. semiprecious43 says:

    This is one of the most despicable things I’ve seen. What is wrong with you? Do you not have souls? This guy is trying not to cry while talking about his daughter who was born with CP and a Nazi poster calling for the extermination of people like her, and you compare it with a clip of Lucy crying about having always wanted a mink coat. Whoever posted this and those of you who commented are sick, sick creatures. You’re why America is falling apart. You care about nothing and no one.

  17. shelburz says:

    @gastycoon if FOX is the calvary…..fuck this, life isn’t worth it anymore

  18. shelburz says:


  19. killielove says:

    This video makes my day so much better. lmao! Its so much fun to watch him cry like an idiot.

  20. killielove says:

    LMFAO! Genius.

  21. Threeli says:

    wtf? chuck norris?

  22. IndieTools says:

    This is hilarious!

  23. Verrako says:

    hahahahahaha….this is awesome.

  24. gastycoon says:

    OMG! The CALVARY has arrived! What a fuckin’ Jackoff.

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