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Gimme a Break – Season 1

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  1. JGC says:
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    Mama said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my mama said…, January 6, 2006
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    This review is from: Gimme a Break – Season One (DVD)

    “Gimme A Break” revolves around Nell Harper (played by the late and very great Nell Carter, may she rest in peace) who moves in with Chief Charles Kanisky (played by the late Dolph Sweet) to help take care of his house and family after his wife passes away. Your entire family will enjoy this NBC sitcom because it is wholesome, realistic, entertaining, and very funny!

    The Season One DVD Set includes 19 episodes from the 1981 – 1982 season.

    Here’s ALL the episodes that will be included with the Season One DVD Set (with the original air dates):

    Katie the Crook (10/29/1981)
    In the pilot, youngest daughter Sam comes home with a black eye, and Nell gives her a few lessons on how to fight. Julie and a friend are studying where babies come from, and as the Chief comes home, he walks into the kitchen to find the two kissing. Simpson arrives at the house with Katie, who was picked up for stealing, but was not arrested. Katie has been acting out since the death of her mom.

    A Good Man is Hard to Find (11/5/1981)
    Nell and Angie go to a bar to pick up men. However, Nell gets sad that she isn’t sought after. She then goes home and the Chief decides to fix her up with one of his officers. What he doesn’t know is that the officer is just doing the Chief a favor so he can get a better promotion. The Chief throws the man out and tells Nell what happened when she comes out all dolled up. Nell realizes he wasn’t interested in her because she is overweight.

    The Second Time Around (11/12/1981)
    A woman hits the Chief’s police car, because her contact lens came out . When she meets the Chief to tell him how sorry she was for smashing into his car, she realizes the two went to school together. The two hit it off, and begin seeing each other, and Samantha is sad because she doesn’t want a step-mother. In the end, when Marion tries to seduce with the Chief, he rushes out of her apartment.

    Mom’s Birthday (11/19/1981)
    A woman with a gift for Margaret on her birthday shows up. When the Chief comes home, he is sad because it’s Margaret’s birthday. He decides to take the family out to dinner. Nell decides to get out the family’s home movies with the Chief objecting after first but then relenting.

    Do or Diet (11/26/1981)
    Nell decides to hold her PORKO’S weight-loss meeting at the house, and when she gets on the scale she gets upset that she gained two pounds. When the Chief comes home he is disgraced by the group and has a bad case of indigestion, forcing him to stay on vegetables for the next three weeks. Once Nell and the Chief begin their diet, the Chief insists on sampling her lasagna, and then they go on an eating binge.

    A Man in Nell’s Room (12/3/1981)
    When the Chief finds a man in Nell’s room, he tells her he doesn’t want her fooling around with guys under his roof. Nell decides to quit, and moves in with Angie for one night. In the end, Nell gets tired of Angie and decides to come home, and is warmly greeted by the family.

    Your Prisoner is Dead (12/10/1981)
    The Chief witnesses a robber hold up a pharmacy. When the robber turns his gun on him, the chief shoots him in self-defense. However, when he finds out that his prisoner has died, he thinks seriously of retiring. Nell helps him get over his insecurity and go back to work.

    Julie’s Rejection (12/17/1981)
    Julie wants to join Katie’s club, and gets help from Nell and Katie on how to be cook. When she shows up to Katie’s group of friends, she is nervous and screws up when they ask her questions about past experiences.

    Julie’s First Love (1/7/1982)
    Julie goes off to the arcade after having no luck at finding a date to the Junior prom. She meets a worker there who is into computers named Arnold and she asks him to the prom which he accepts. However, the Chief is mad that Julie returns home late and grounds her, not wanting to hear her side of the story.

    Nell’s Ex (1/14/1982)
    Nell’s finds out that her ex-husband Tony is in town and wants to see her. At the house, he tells her that he is going to be on the Merv Griffith show and needs $1,000. Nell agrees to give him the money and lies to the Chief, telling him she needs $500 for her Aunt. The Chief gives her the money, even if he knows that Tony is going to blow it and not get his big break.

    Katie the Cheat (1/21/1982)
    The Chief is counting on Katie to do real good on her final exam, but she gets Julie to take it for her. The family is shocked to hear what has happened, when she declines the money she receives for her college education.

    The Emergency (2/4/1982)
    Katie comes home with a bad stomach pain and Nell rushes her to the hospital room. Once there, she meets a pushy receptionist and seeks a doctor to see Katie. The doctor tells Nell that Katie was using an IUD…

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  2. MobyDee "Dee" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally!, December 6, 2005
    MobyDee “Dee” (Florida) –
    This review is from: Gimme a Break – Season One (DVD)

    I am so glad that Universal is finally releasing “Gimme a Break”! I don’t understand y it says just “season one” instead of “Complete First Season” like “Charles is Charge” says,which is another Universal release?! Some extras announced for “GaB” are: Bonus episode of “GaB” from season 2, episode of “Charles in Charge”, & an epiosode of “Kate & Allie”. Also an 80′s retrospective: “the great 80′s TV Flashback”. I would have preferred some bloopers or new interviews with the surviving cast members. But I will be so glad to get it on DVD since no channel is currently running this funny show!! 5 Stars for the show, 4 for the DVD set & it’s bonus features!

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  3. Da Man "Da Man" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    one of my most wanted shows is coming to DVD!!, January 5, 2006
    Da Man “Da Man” (Pekin, IL) –
    This review is from: Gimme a Break – Season One (DVD)

    it’s been well over a decade since I have seen Gimme A Break, outside of a brief USA stint around ten years ago, the show has been all but vanished from reruns for far too long.

    As a child in the 1980′s, many of my growing up years were spent watching Nell and the Kanisky family. She was a true diva in the sense, she was a funny actress, she could sing, she could act… I was very upset when Nell passed away nearly three years ago.

    While there is much sadness knowing that Nell, Dolph Sweet and Howard Morton are now no longer with us (Sweet passed away in between the fourth and fifth seasons), it is great to have this classic sitcom preserved to watch once more.

    Please buy this set on February 14th, the better it sells, the more likely we are at getting the rest of the seasons as well.

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