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Gilligan’s Island Reunion – 1988 (Component 1)

Gilligan’s Island reunion on The Late Show with Ross Shafer from 1988. FULL CAST! The last time the entire cast was together. Part 1 of 4

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25 Responses to “Gilligan’s Island Reunion – 1988 (Component 1)”

  1. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    Thank you so much for posting, so nice to see the cast together again. I grew up with GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, and when Russell Johnson came to town, I was able to tape the event for my public access TV show (SEE: russell johnson book signing). He was so kind and it was a thrill to meet him. Watching this clip was so enjoyable, thank you again for posting.

  2. 55painterman says:

    I really wish someone would post some full episodes of the original Gilligans island?? PLEASE????..

  3. YouthFreedomFighters says:

    Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Gilligan’s Island, passed away this month on the 12th. RIP Sherwood Schwartz.

  4. starbond6 says:

    “I would’ve made a bigger deal of it if I knew there would be reruns in 1988″

    And here in we are in 2011, and its STILL popular.

  5. MochaholicPuppy says:

    Im in luv with bob denver. im 13 years old. RIP BOB DENVER!!! :(

  6. GSBeliever says:

    Alan Hale Jr’s father was one of the original 3 Musketeers! Alan Hale Sr. and they looked almost exactly alike!

  7. TheStanbabe says:

    That F-! Idiot Shafer..he ruined “The Late Show”..and he ruined this”Gilligan’s Island”TV reunion.

  8. 619badazz13 says:

    gillagans days are spent working at some 711 in some midd west town , taking shit from some hot shot 19 year skate board punk asking fof a slurpe

  9. fjccommish says:


  10. saints093 says:

    Alan Hale looked good on this reunion show back in 1988, and everybody else in the cast looked good too. :)

  11. MrTennrebel says:

    Where have the good clean shows gone.
    Now all you get is murder, blood,violance.
    where has good clean funny shows gone.
    (THANKS ROSS SHAFER) For making my childhood a good clean one.
    full thumbs up HNK222 good work.

  12. 17Watman says:

    Hi my name is 17Watman, I’m 18 years old and Gilligan’s Island is my number 1 favorite show in the universe!!

  13. Riana2134 says:

    Rest in peace Bob Denver, Alan Hale,Jr., Jim Backus, and Natalie Schafer :)

  14. Riana2134 says:

    Rest in peace Bob Denver :)

  15. JaimeLe50s says:

    RIP Gilligan He died 5 days before my BD-2005 I LOVE Gilligan he was so oddly cute

  16. jgraz42 says:

    @YeahOkTerrific When your 60, 1 year is 1/60 of your life, when your 5, 1 month is 1/60 of your life, exactly equal to the year when your 60. So time really is going by faster when you get older.

  17. YeahOkTerrific says:

    Ok, I’ll say it , Ross Shafer looks like a parody from a character made by Joe Piscopo. If you dont know who Joe Piscopo is I’m old as Hell. Thanks Alot.

  18. YeahOkTerrific says:

    I’m feeling old, 1988 Gilligan was all gray haired and it’s 2011. We’ll sonny I remember coming home from school and watching reruns in the 70′s. Holy #(*%, WTF. Where has the time gone?

  19. bmxbilda5 says:

    @redmanrulz010 u sound like my mum :S hahah gilligans island is best show

  20. beasst94 says:

    @lissybliss srsly

  21. notpcone says:

    Gilligan aged like a hundred Years, The skipper looks…………the same.

  22. patrick9648 says:

    Joan Rivers was the original host of the Fox late show. Joan Rivers was fired after the ratings sagged and there were problems behind the scenes. Arsenio Hall was eventually hired as a replacement. The late show was to be cancelled but after the show rebounded because of Arsenio Fox changed its mind wanted to keep him. Arsenio Hall had already commited to other projects was unable to do the Late Show. Ross Shaffer was hired to replace Arsenio. Arsenio eventually got his own show.

  23. abc1000002 says:

    If you’ve ever seen the movie Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, the guy who played LIttle John was Alan Hale Sr. You can see the resemblence very clearly and the way they laugh and react is exactly the same.

  24. pistache7 says:

    this show rules !

  25. dmacljn1 says:

    Ross Schaefer blows Goats

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