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Getting Your Business Affairs in Order

Getting Your Business Affairs in Order

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Do you get frustrated with the success rate in your business? Do you feel even the tiniest sense of envy when you see others enjoy rapid growth and an influx of new customers, particularly when it comes to internet information product trading?

Many think if they could just get one great idea, stick up a website, add some paid online advertising they could make millions. How wrong are they?

Deluded by the get rich quick mentality, many have made miserable small attempts at making their online fortunes all to no avail. If only they had been given the right information, the correct system of approach how different their results might have been.

In the early days I thought I could easily make lots of money online, and at one point I was becoming really disillusioned about really making a successful break in this market.

I remember when I first saw the light of possibility as I built my online information empire.

Driving home from a conference one evening, I was thinking about what made me truly happy and music and comedy came to my mind. I recalled a very funny classic British sketch. An old Morecambe and Wise routine with Andre Previn, the classical conductor/ composer.222

In the sketch Eric Morecambe pretends to be able to play a classic piano concerto, conduct by Mr Previn. However Eric was no master pianist. As he completely hammed up the piece giving his own interpretation of the classic piece of music , it sounded more like an old pub song, I recalled Eric’s words to Andre (or Mr Preview if your are Morecambe & Wise)as Andre looked on horrified at the mess Eric had made of the piece.

“You’re playing the wrong notes” said Mr Previn. “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order!” said Eric.

Well that’s exactly how I felt until found the right order to conduct my business. Until that moment I had most of the right information to be successful, just hadn’t been doing it in the right order!I little in place in terms of systems and process and was conducting my business without any method or means that was measurable.

After devising a working plan with my mentors, I was able to take deliberate and calculated action which has taken me me step by step towards my goals of a growing, healthy information business online.

How can you devise a workable action plan and gather together mentors, coaches and mastermind groups that can help you to the fast route to success?

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