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Get Wise – 102 – The Diplomat’s Daughter – Component 1/2

Get Wise. Season 1, episode Two. The Diplomat’s Daughter. Portion 1 of Two
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Get Wise – 102 – The Diplomat’s Daughter – Component 1/2”

  1. makodesutai0916 says:


  2. bossyboots55 says:

    steve carell cant hold a candle to Don Adams. The old is better, in my opinion. My brother used to love the ending when his nose got caught in the door. :)

  3. JAThames says:

    Lol @ them saying “Orientals” instead of “Asians”

  4. luno44 says:

    He’s going to walk on a pill that’ll explode if it’s thrown at a wall? He’d better not run!

  5. Mcoov says:

    @raeraeag They’re fictional props. Yikes; some people.

  6. kryps1 says:

    waterproof microphone… sure…

  7. raeraeag says:

    how do they have good equipment in 19 hundreds

  8. raeraeag says:

    @acme4 dude later on theres a old movie as get smart and 99 is crap

  9. Reliby says:

    Max: can i see nuber 4 again? xD

  10. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  11. princeeverlove says:

    Another Classic T.V. Series of the GoldenAge of the 60′s

  12. batmanrules16 says:

    Stupid weekly test thing. What I don’t understand about those is, DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO MUTE THE SOUND JUST FOR WORDS ON THE TOP OF THE SCREEN?

  13. CaCatoe says:

    Didn’t know that it was a serie. And a fun one too :D !

  14. jreed33729 says:

    i use to catch this on nick at nite. the shows on nick at nite nowa days aint even old

  15. plopnod says:

    Hey’s “Happy Kind” of Happy Kind and the Mirth makers from Fernwood Tonite

  16. TheNewThirteen says:

    Your comment just made my night. Thank you. :D

  17. SamhainTheDark says:

    Really? I can’t escape the weekly required test of the emergency broadcast system even on youtube?

  18. ronnied828 says:

    99 minutes alone with 99 is all i wanted as a kid watching this show, lol

  19. kenpalmer1965 says:

    @wholish I know what you mean. I grew up watching this show when I was a kid. But it was in syndication by the time I was watching it in the 70′s. I still loved it anyway!

  20. kenpalmer1965 says:

    Was this the episode with the villain named Mr. Claw or Craw? It kinda looks like it. Neat and funny video!

  21. HelloImJoPo says:

    @channyandseddiefan So I hear! The show seems pretty funny.

  22. channyandseddiefan says:

    @HelloImJoPo The show is about a billion times better than the movie.

  23. HelloImJoPo says:

    I was watching the movie last night, so i thought i’d watch this…lol it seems really funny and I LIKE YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME :)

  24. CharlieOchs says:

    Now I understand Toto’s song, “Ninety Nine.”

  25. DrSuperMarioMan6464 says:

    There’s no real historical significance to my place

    There could be!

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