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Gerry Anderson’s Wacky Races

A Gerry Anderson version of the Hanna-Barbera classic…
Video Rating: five / five

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14 Responses to “Gerry Anderson’s Wacky Races”

  1. VGRetro says:

    @YUCKSTERTHUNDER No, it’s Dave Willock. He does sound similar though.

  2. xenbear says:

    Superb !!!!

  3. ryhorn100 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was genius! You really chose the right characters to match the Wacky Racers as best as you could.


    Is That Shane Rimmer’s voice ?

  5. wwodtv says:

    That was wonderful!!!

  6. crawfb says:

    Applause! [Standing ovation]

  7. Gulftastic says:

    Fantastic stuff! Well done.

  8. simongvs says:

    Brilliant, funniest thing i’ve seen all week!

  9. CI5AgentSweeps says:

    That was amazing :)

  10. KimsHubster says:

    FAB. Ab FAB!

  11. vigaroux says:

    shifty dick dasterdly.

  12. captjami says:

    LOL That was great !!

  13. BusterTheSteamroller says:

    I remember watching that cartoon show on CN back in my younger years! :)
    Fantastic work on the intro!

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