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Gentle On My Mind (Live The Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell & John Hartford

Official video of Glen Campbell performing Gentle On My Mind on his hit US show, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, with John Hartford.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Gentle On My Mind (Live The Goodtime Hour) – Glen Campbell & John Hartford”

  1. Mari89Helena says:

    Here’s the trick. Anyone can convert this vid to mp3 and download at

  2. CanyonTide says:

    @smartd1973 Around ’86..I think that was IT! Music today is garbage… Glenn, The Carpenters, Captain and Tennille, ONJ..THAT was music! :)

  3. StupidObamaNigger says:

    This songs about some dude and his “Fuck Buddy”

  4. curbshoppin says:

    @dh9472 I agree the lyrics were perfect for the time and still holds up today…….it was one of those wow moments when i first heard Gentle on my mind…..there were other wow moments but this was a great one……

  5. AegisNova says:

    @smartd1973 “Broad-brush” reply: Too many of us stopped demanding such excellence from our artists. Too many of us don’t seem to know such excellence exists.

  6. AegisNova says:

    @dh9472 Agreed. One of the great songs of the Twentieth Century.

  7. ChicagoSouthDan says:

    @EnglishMFrankfurt Most repetitive songs have a chorus that repeats too much, thus making the songs repetitive. The fact that this has no chorus would argue against it being repetitive. Yes, it doesn’t rhyme and I can’t comment on the middle 8, not being trained in music. And the lack of rhyme is another thing that makes it non-repetitive.
    Why do you think it’s repetitive? Do you mean “musically” repetitive?
    Part of the reason it works is the imagery it evokes.

  8. EnglishMFrankfurt says:

    This song should not work …. it is repetitive, the words don’t rhyme and there is no chorus or middle 8

    Yet it remains one of my all time favourite songs – whoever sings it

    Nice to see John Hartford performing – it was his song after all

    Greetings from Kiev


  9. banjovidb says:

    Always thought it would be impossible to pick one song as my favorite, but I think this one is it…. it inspired me to learn the banjo as a teenager in 1968, and now all these years later my wife of 29 years who lost her battle with cancer 5 years ago is always “Gentle On My Mind”

  10. creosotegirl says:


  11. sleaponit21 says:

    just magic, john greatest banjo player america ever had

  12. MrTommy001 says:

    @smartd1973 It stopped when consumers of music quite caring about talent and just plain good stuff. Most of today’s noise that passes for music, isn’t. It’s just noise. I guess we were lucky to have grown up in an era when real talent counted, and junk just didn’t go anywhere.

  13. ChicagoSouthDan says:

    @MILdoeswork 13,000 now, but still a valid point.

  14. rocksinger45 says:

    What I like about this song is that it reminds me of my first love (a girl named Joey) back in 1967 during my young hippy days hanging around on the Sunset Strip.

  15. ChicagoSouthDan says:

    @ChicagoSouthDan Also, this song makes me think of my mother who died four years ago at age 91. About 35 years before her death, she was involved in caring for an elderly lady who had gone blind. The night telephone operators would call the lady to see how she was doing and to talk with her. After the lady’s death, Mom wrote a complimentary letter about the operators that was printed in their employee newsletter. Mom said the ladies would always be “gentle on my mind”.

  16. ChicagoSouthDan says:

    @smartd1973 Good question. I am probably in the minority on this, but I think it started declining with the coming of music videos. That caused the focus to be on attractive young ladies dancing in skimpy, tight-fitting outfits rather than on the quality of the music. I am enough of a sexist pig to like attractive ladies in skimpy outfits as much as the next man, but when I want good music I have to go to the older tunes by Gershwin, Irving Berlin, and songs like this one.

  17. Truth666 says:

    When did music stop being this good?
    Laws of End Times Reductionism

  18. tjmangum says:


  19. notbob50 says:

    What a fine set of lyrics. John Hartford was an incredible talent and a truly fine performer. Sure do miss him.

  20. smartd1973 says:

    When did music stop being this good?

  21. MILdoeswork says:

    Two men at the top of their game, brilliant posting. And to have the “Deering Banjo” company name a Banjo after you. Magic, but only 5,710 views ??????????????

  22. dh9472 says:

    I have always felt that these are the best lyrics ever written of any song I have ever heard. Always manages to bring a tear.

  23. tootybootydesigns says:

    I love this song and video! Please don’t ever take it away. It’s beautiful.

  24. jokyaku says:

    This was a song that rose above it’s genre (bluegrass) and became a piece of music heaven- Rest in Peace John Hartford…

  25. kKstoned says:

    holy crap this is a great performance

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