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General Hospital: Robin and Patrick

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Robin and Patrick, Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson, join Madison Michele in the Hollywood 411 studio. Kimberly shares her history on the show from childhood to a pregnant, married woman.

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17 Responses to “General Hospital: Robin and Patrick”

  1. kaydia100 says:

    i love robin and patrick!!

  2. TheAuzeet says:


  3. cecape says:

    I just notice how they fold arms across the chest the same. How Cute. And the look he gave when she said he help her with her house. Kimson are so good with and to each other. What they have is so rare these days. I hope they know how lucky they are to have each other.

  4. cecape says:

    This was great love the way the talk about each other. They do have a special relationship between themselves. I am glad Jason see the relationship between Kimberly, Tristian , Finola.

  5. cecape says:

    I personally think they are for a long time. But they still deny it when they are asked at PA’s like this month’s October 2009.

  6. EmmieClassix says:

    Robin has always fallen for badboys though. Stone, Jason, Patrick

  7. RxCxLx33 says:

    aww. haha. i love them togetherrr :D and really patricksfan31?! i didn’t see that on wikipedia .. where did you find it?

    and aww, he helped her with her house <3333

  8. aradiaj says:

    omg they are….you just made my day lol

  9. momofSandN says:

    They are so stinkin cute…

  10. reesespiece100 says:

    Jason and Kimberly are so cute together!

  11. uhgg says:

    Haha I want them to be together too! Kimson all the way!

  12. Patricksfan31 says:

    I read on Wikipedia (credible source huh? lol) that they are and have been since they were shooting GH NS 2 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!! A girl can only hope! I’ve never been so pushing for two people that I DON’T KNOW to be together well ok, since Chris Brown and Rihanna!

  13. pinkwedding says:

    Are Jason and Kimberly an item?

  14. phillyisfun says:

    thank you for posting that clip. seeing them does my heart good.

  15. missydm216 says:

    KimSon are great!

  16. gregvfan16 says:

    Dude, you’re pathetic. Kelly was not mentioned in this video at all. It’s realling fucking retarded when people have to go as far as to bring someone up who is completely UNRELATED to the topic.

    You’re fucking pathetic. Get a fucking life.
    Kelly is better then you’ll ever be. Get over it.

  17. cuntkellymonaco says:

    both kim and jason know fixed DWTS winner kelly monaco is a fake titty skank who cant act and she is sleeping with the ABC prez frons

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